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Treating double lumen cvl infections

Guest Nurse02818

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Guest Nurse02818

I work in a large NICU but when I am not needed for a shift I will go relieving , often to the pediatric ocology unit.

There, when sepsis is being treated , antibiotics will be infused into each lumen of a cvl on a regular basis .The care plan will indicate whether the Gentamycin goes in the blue or yellow lumen at a particular time eg . There is literature to support this practice . If both lumens are not cleared of infection before antibiotics are discontinued , the infection will simply recur . When I mentioned this practice to my colleagues in NICU , they look at me like I am possessed and over several years ,with me supplying supporting documetation ,nothing has ever been done about it. Does any other NICU follow this practice ? That might have more influence than saying that the oncology unit in our own hospital adheres to this standard ? Our unit management talks 'best practices ' but achieving a change in practice is like pulling teeth.

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Guest sameera_reddy

In CVL if colonisation occurs it leads to formation of microcalyx at different sites which are very resiatant to action from any infusate and in that situation how can infusing antibiotics through these lines be of any help.Can some one in infection control department help in addressing this

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