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  1. One last post. KOH prep of skin scraping was negative for candida.
  2. Baby was seen by Dermatologist. I talked to baby's mother. She said baby is now on hydrocortisone cream and rash is getting better!
  3. Thanks for the responses. CBC, CRP are normal. Have sent scrapings for KOH prep (rule out candida). I thought of erythema toxicum but this was present at birth and was itchy, scaly (later). It certainly does not look like Neonatal pustular melanosis. It is papuloerythematous with no pustules. It also seems to be itchy, with scratch marks on baby's face. Has anyone seen eczema present at birth?
  4. Please let me know what this rash is? A full term baby born vaginally. No complications during pregancy. Mom GBS positive, inadequate treatment. She had borderline low platelets (cause not known). Baby was pale, hypoperfused at birth needing fluid bolus. Admitted for "rule out sepsis". A rash (see attached) noted at birth. Itchy. Blanching with pressure. Papulo-erythematous over face, trunk. None noted on palms, soles, diaper area. Some part of rash appeared scaly after 24 hours. Any ideas what this rash is? Baby's CBC was normal with normal platelet count.
  5. 5 wk old infant came to ER with scalp discoloration (grayish) for 2 days. Baby was treated soon after birth for persistent hypoglycemia (in another hospital) and diagnosed as hyperinsulinism. Infant was sent home on po hydrochlorthiazide and diazoxide. Exam showed active, alert baby. Grayish area of discoloration covering most of scalp. No edema. BMP showed Na 133 K 7.8 (heelstick). Rest normal. CBC normal. What is the cause of this discoloration? Can this be acanthosis nigricans though i have never seen it this early in life? What other things should one look for?
  6. I am trying to gather materials for a presentation on TE fistula with emphasis on H-type fistula (we had a case some time ago in our unit). I find there is not much material on the web or on other sites i visit viz UpToDate, MD consult etc. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for review articles, anything else that is relevant in the past 5 years or so. Thanks. Sridhar
  7. WE emphasis on "Back to Sleep" as part of discharge planning. We do this when the infant is weaned to a crib and is getting ready to go home. Parents are told babies should always be on the back and if prone for tummy time, babies should be "supervised".
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