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  1. Thanks for the video on LISA. That will change my technique- WOW! Blessings, Angela Bach Christian Hospital, Qalandarabad, Pakistan
  2. In preemies, do you start calcium in the IV right away? How much? Do you have a problem with calcium infiltration of the skin? We have used D10 for the first day, then switch to D1/5. If they are still not tolerating feeds by the third day, we add KCl. When should we add calcium? Should we use D1/2 instead? Thanks
  3. We usually start 2-3 cc/kg/feed every 3 hours with EBM or preterm formula if the baby is well. We don't have banked milk. If there are aspirates after the second day, then we begin to replace the aspirate, subtracting it from the total amount of milk scheduled to be given. (For example, if the aspirate is 2 cc and the scheduled amount is 5 cc, we give the 2cc aspirate back plus 3cc of EBM.) This way, we can see if they can tolerate the feeds. If the aspirate is large, then we hold the feed until the next scheduled time. We don't have HMF, so we use preterm formula to fortify the EBM. When th
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