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Found 4 results

  1. Net Essential for the Neos:
  2. Neonatal Cochrane Reviews

    Evidence-based protocols and reviews by the Cochrane Collaboration
  3. The updated Cochrane review comes with a clear recommendation - that preterm infants (defined as <37 weeks / BW <2500 g) should be given probiotics to reduce the risk of NEC. When reading the full review (look at the tables), my impression is that the effect among infants <1000 grams is less well documented. And I came across this editorial: What is your opinion about and/or the interpretation of the Cochrane review? If you use probiotics - do you use it for all preterms regardless of gestational age (i.e. also for the most immature & tiny babies)?
  4. Here - an interesting commentary by Roger Soll on the Cochrane review update on "Prophylactic Systemic Antifungal Agents to Prevent Mortality and Morbidity in Very Low Birth Weight Infants" Published in Neonatology and with open access, free to read for all! I quite his take-home message below.