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  1. Dear all, Recently in our NICU a female baby delivered by s.c. at 38 week gestation Bwt -2.850 A.S 7 8 9. with a mother who have Covid-19 PCR(+) a month before. The baby good adaptation. At the 24th hour we performed an antigen test from the nasopharynx which was -negative and an antibody test IgG (+ ) IgM (-) negative.Have you seen such cases. We concluded that case concerned a passive immunity due to IgG antibodies transferred through the placenta. Have you seen similar cases and followed up to see the developments regarding the immunity. Thank you.
  2. In the actual pandemic situation, we are asking ourself again about filters sistem in ours ventilators. Does anybody use it? Pre and post - patient?? Only post? Thanks
  3. Dear colleagues, Please visit www.perinatalcovid19.org for links to newly published articles on covid-19. Some of the new articles are listed below. They address transmission methods, clinical presentation, preventive measures, and effects of covid-19 on healthcare workers. These new articles are in red font and are labeled as 'new'. Gautham Gale et al, 2020. 66 confirmed cases of neonatal SARS-CoV-2 infection Kyle et al, 2020. Review of newborn outcomes DiToro et al, 2020. Maternal and neonatal outcomes systematic review Horbar et al, 2020. Covid-19 and newborn
  4. Newborns of covid-19 positive mothers - outcomes of co-location and breastfeeding: I have posted a link to a new article by Patil et al on this topic on www.perinatalcovid19.org, a free website with resources to help you deal with the covid-19 pandemic. Please look under 'Important Publications', 'Treatment and Management'.
  5. I recently had the honour of being asked to present grand rounds at the University of Manitoba. My former Department Head during the question period stumped me when he asked me what role angiotensin converting enzyme 2 receptor (ACE2) has in pediatric COVID19. Like all great teachers, after I floundered and had to confess that while I was aware there is a role in COVID19 I wasn’t sure of the answer, he sent me a paper on the subject. The reality is that a very small percentage of COVID19 illness is found in children. Some estimates have it at 2%. Why might that be? It’s what’s in the n
  6. Just a few days ago, Professor de Luca in Paris showed a paper with a scientific evidence of vertical transmission of Sars-Cov-2. An excellent (although sad) news by an excellent professor. Coincidentally, yesterday the National Perinatal Institute, in Mexico made a webinar about this topic. In this slide, what you can see, they are showing in the left, that 17 of 86 placenta tested positive to Covid PCR; that 11 of 22 amniotic fluids tested positive and that 6 of 17 human milk the same. All in mothers positive to Covid-19. Hope this will be of interest for you all.
  7. Dear Friends, Please visit www.perinatalcovid19.org , a free website that has many resources to help you deal with the covid-19 pandemic. New research on covid-19 is posted here regularly. Hope you find it useful. Please send me information and suggestions that will help serve your needs. Dr. Gautham, Houston, Texas, USA
  8. Good morning or evening everyone! As we move thorough these turbulent times everyone has questions about how this story will end. My experience with social media has been one that has been evolving for some time. Recently with so many questions about COVID19 I opted for setting up Facebook Live video sessions and although they aren't a visual question and answer session they do allow for people who are watching to make comments. One of my favourite sessions so far has been with Stefan from 99nicu as shown here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwNGxiYvgLg&list=PLHmYb5bfg4U3RuEO
  9. After several reports providing reassurance to breastfeeding mothers, two very recent reports are giving me reason to pause. The Canadian Pediatric Society has been recommending breastfeeding if a mother has COVID19 with precautions in place; Breastfeeding when mothers have suspected or proven COVID-19. It would be heresy to suggest that a mother not be permitted to breastfeed her infant but what follows are two reports that at the very least may need to enter the discussion when a COVID19 positive mother gives birth and is deciding about route of feeding. Toronto Case Report Th
  10. During Covid-19, I have spent more time researching Adult pulmonary critical care than Neonatal pulmonary critical care. Based on this blog: https://emcrit.org/category/pulmcrit/ I am both fascinated and disgusted by the approach to respiratory support for Covid-19 patients. For those that have been following adult pulmonary critical care: 1. Are you appalled by the PEEP and PiPs? 2. Are you appalled by the FiO2s? 3. Do you feel like this is Neonatology circa 1990? 4. Do you think HFOV and/or NBCPAP are tools that should be applied earlier, not later for Covid-19 pati
  11. Unicef: 6,000 children could die every day due to impact of coronavirus Disruption of essential maternity and health services is the biggest crisis faced by under fives since the second world war, reports The Guardian. The UN warns that up to 6,000 children could die every day from preventable causes over the next six months due to the impact of coronavirus.
  12. This is another hot topic out there as centers around the world struggle to determine how best to manage the mother who has contracted COVID-19 in pregnancy. There are resources out there already such as the CDC which states the following. The World Health Organization also has this to say as of yesterday. The question though is where do these recommendations come from? How strong is the evidence? Let’s begin with another Coronavirus Do you remember SARS? This was another coronavirus. Wong SF et al published Pregnancy and perinatal outcomes of women w
  13. In preparation form potential Covid+ or PUI in the delivery and NICU setting, viral filters are suggested while using self inflated resuscitators, NIV (high flow cannula, NIPPV, bubble CPAP, SiPAP, CPAP), and ventilators. Pediatric Viral filters are on back order and we have only adult viral filters of various specs depending on manufacturer (min 200 ml VT or > 125 ml VT for others). The representatives for Drager have stated that many are using their ventilators at the expiratory limb at the exhalation valve which we can do in the Bunnel Jet ventilator. We are awaiting feedback from Sen
  14. Knowing that asymptomatic carriers can spread coronavirus, I have been petitioning our hospital administration for the past 3 weeks that masks be mandatory for caregivers in the NICU anytime they are within 6 feet of a patient, family, or other staff member. Last week they said masks are optional and each staff member would be issued one mask per shift. I strongly recommended that our caregivers wear masks anytime they were within 6 feet of other staff, patients, or their families. 2 days ago I was reprimanded by our administration for strongly recommending masks while at work. My reason
  15. hi.i live in iran,i have two neonate that mothers are suspected covid -19,what s advice for breastfeeding and vaccination?!
  16. Dear all As all of us are preparing ourselves to form potential strategies to mitigate and manage SARS CoV2 positive neonates, we come across various challenges. Our NICU has Sophie ventilators which do not have a expiratory filter. So the potentially infectious aerosols would be released in the NICU environment. We have not been able to devise a way to circumvent that yet. Though thankfully there have been no suspect cases so far in Delhi. But in order to prepare for a possible surge it is essential to look at such issues. Please suggest what is being followed in othe
  17. Hi all I am looking for protocols for the care of asymptomatic newborns born to mothers with suspected Covid. One question that has come up in my unit is whether an isolette 6 feet away ( that is turned off to avoid air circulation) should be used as an ideal physical barrier to protect the baby from the mother and other caregivers. I did see this recommendation briefly at some site online but unable to find it now! Thanks for your help Mike Mike Sukumar MD Rockville MD USA
  18. I had the pleasure of being asked to speak to a Canadian audience of people working with newborns yesterday about the new CPS practice points for managing deliveries and newborns with suspected or proven COVID-19. Something fascinating happened over the course of the discussion and that was that we are a country divided. It didn’t help that the week prior to the CPS releasing their practice points the American Academy of Pediatrics released the following position: “Precautions for birth attendants: Staff attending a birth when the mother has COVID-19 should use gown and gloves, with ei
  19. I just got this email from Dr's Meg Kirkley, Clyde Wright and @GauthamSuresh in the US - they are aggregating Neonatal Covid-19 literature to a spreadsheet. A fantastic initiative! Find the continuously updated spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L9tsrLn9a7LMql_nnUfMA3uS1SSurrj4XUh2yT2bEUc/edit#gid=1867332198 Please find the full email below. Big thanks to Meg, Clyde and @GauthamSuresh for this iniative! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ We have a resource to share!!! Meg Kirkley (Assistant Professor here in Colorado) and I
  20. This document has been drafted by Dr Riccardo Davanzo, Chair of the Technical Panel on Breastfeeding (TAS) of the Ministry of Health (MOH), and Prof. Fabio Mosca, President of the Italian Society of Neonatology (SIN), with the collaboration of Dr Guido Moro, President of AIBLUD (Human Milk Banking Association of Italy), Dr Fabrizio Sandri, Secretary of SIN and Prof. Massimo Agosti, President of the SIN Breastfeeding Commission. https://www.uenps.eu/2020/03/16/sars-cov-2-infection-sin-recommendations-endorsed-by-uenps/?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=Post&utm_campaign=UENPS_Congress_A
  21. Quick question- what are the rules right now in your NICU? Are the parents (asymptomatic) still allowed to visit/stay with their baby during the hospitalization in the unit? Share your thoughts and practices!
  22. Dear all, I want to share a website that I have created - www.perinatalcovid19.org Please share widely. It has resources to help all of us manage the covid-19 situation we are all facing. I am open to suggestions on how to make it more useful. K.S. Gautham, MD, DM, MS, FAAP Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine Section Head and Service Chief of Neonatology Texas Children's Hospital 6621 Fannin, Suite W6104 Houston, TX 77030
  23. As the world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, clinicians caring for newborn babies are all scrambling to come up with guidelines to handle babies who are at risk of or confirmed to have Covid-19 infection. We are also trying to personally stay healthy and avoid catching the infection. By sharing our resources and ideas we can make more progress than working individually. This free repository of information is offered as a resource for you and your clinical team. Please share any useful documents you might have.
  24. We are living in challenging times but, as a community caring for neonates and their families, we will get through this together. Canadians and others around the world are digesting a great deal of information in order to come up with a best approach to caring for mothers and infants with either suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infections. It is an imperfect science for sure as we have scarce information to go on but you may find it helpful to look at what centres are doing in terms of their approaches to delivery and care in the NICU. Please note that these are being posted in an attempt to
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