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Found 8 results

  1. Hi colleagues, In the past few years the assessment of growth in the newborn has been updated significantly. In the US, we use Fenton for preterm < 35weeks, CDC and WHO for late-preterm and term babies. I have . WHO for uses growth charts for 0-24 months and does not consider GA at birth, , so babies could easily be over-classified by SGA, or LGA if GA at birth is not used. For example: using medcal interactive growth charts (CDC-based); a newly born male at 37weeks who weight 2600grams is classify as AGA between 25th and 50th%tile. A baby with same BW, but with a GA at birth of 41 wee
  2. until
    https://www.mcascientificevents.eu/uenps2018/ MAIN TOPICS Neonatal respiratory disorders and management Nutrition of the preterm infant Nosocomial infection New fortifiers of breast milk
  3. It’s World Prematurity Day today and if you are a parent or are caring for a baby who has just entered this world before 37 weeks GA you are now part of a membership that counts 15 million new babies each year according to the WHO’s data. As I tell most new parents who have a baby admitted to our unit “It’s ok to take some time to adjust to this. You didn’t plan on being here”. That is true for most who go into spontaneous labour but of course those who are electively delivered due to maternal or fetal indications that have been followed closely often have time to prepare for the journey to
  4. Preterm infants born between 22 to 25 weeks gestational age has been a topic covered in this blog before. Winnipeg hospital now resuscitating all infants at 22 weeks! A media led case of broken telephone. Is anything other than “perfect practice” acceptable for resuscitating infants from 22 – 25 weeks? Winnipeg Hospital About to Start Resuscitating Infants at 23 weeks! I think it is safe to say that this topic stirs up emotions on both sides of the argument of how aggressive to be when it comes to resuscitating some of these infants, particularly those at 22 and 23
  5. Several people contacted us after the webcast on Echocardiographic assessment of PDA (broadcasted Thursday 26th), and asked if it was possible to view it afterwards. The answer was first no... but Orphan-Europe, the company organizing the webcast, generously emailed a copy and allowed sharing here through the Vimeo-service. The webcast was presented by Dr Nim Subhedar, Consultant Neonatal Paediatrician NICU Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Enjoy!
  6. The WHO has published international recommendations to improve the outcomes of preterm birth. I got to know about this document about a year ago while attending a Preterm Epidemology working group meeting hosted by the WHO. Given the fact that preterm birth is the most important risk factor for infant mortality world-wide, I think this document will be very important, especially for preterm babies born in low-resource settings. Read the commentary in Lancet here: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/langlo/article/PIIS2214-109X(15)00183-7/fulltext Find the WHO publication here: http://www.who.int
  7. Just learned from the EvidenceUpdates- service that the Cochrane review on Ibuprofen for the treatment of patent ductus arteriosus has been updated. No sensational news really... Here the URL to EvidenceUpdates: http://plus.mcmaster.ca/EvidenceUpdates/NewArticles.aspx?Page=1&ArticleID=62564 And here the URL to Cochrane: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD003481.pub6/abstract
  8. KCL, UCL, Imperial, Guys and St Thomas and Evelina London are organising a 2 day symposium on neonatal neurprotection, 29 - 30 May 2014 Details: http://www.guysandstthomasevents.co.uk/paediatrics-training/london-neonatal-neuroprotection-symposium/
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