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Congenital pneumonia..what do you mean?


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I was wondering to call something a congenital pneumonia?

Some centers call RDS a congenital pneumonia and treat it for 7 days Abx if infants > 35wks GA required O2 more than 4-8 hours. Others will treat if RDS lasted for >48 hrs ..others may not treat and will call RDS and will treat just for 48 hrs and watch closely for Bcx and clinical status and finally some centers may call it TTN even if the infant required FIO2 ..

My question is :

1-When do you call "something" congenital pneumonia? i.e what are your criteria?

2-What is the msot common pathogen you think?

3-Do you treat? if yeas, for how long? (assuming you will use amp and gent)

Thanks for sharing !


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Hello! You have echoed my predicament.

Many neonatologists have reluctance in calling the shadows as congenital pneumonia. These babies need o2, sometimes ventilation. Many of them do not grow organism. So the dilemma of calling this as pneumonia or RDS. I have send my collection of Xrays to a neonatologist, radiologist and pediatrician. Neonatologist send me a mail telling that it could be RDS,Radiologist argued that it could be localised collection of fluid. And the pediatrician opinioned that it could be congenital pneumonia!!.I have treated these babies and few of them had terrible course due to ill effects of sepsis.

I am requesting 99nicu members to come up with a protocol for a multicentric study



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