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  1. How To improve Myself ?

    ONTOP learning from AIIMS will be very good. i am attaching the screen shot of the web page you need to send an e mail to
  2. hepatic vein thrombosis

    no.Baby didn't have UVC
  3. hepatic vein thrombosis

    We recently had a newborn referred with hepatic vein thrombosis. Baby had blood and mucoid stools. The total count was high and hence blood c&s sent and commenced with i v antibiotics.symptoms abated. no organism grown in culture. We were hesitant to start LMW heparin because of diverse opinions.But continued with iv antibiotics. Rpt ultrsound showed developing collaterals. What is the probability that the child will /will not have chronic liver disease. Can LMW Heparin melt away the thrombosis? thanks selvan rathinasamy
  4. PDA and paracetamol

    Ours is a small unit.i have used paracetamol for ductal closure in babies with low platelets. In one neonate with stage 1 a nnec. Used rectal route. We Were able to tide over the crisis .ductal closure achieved and features of ccf subsided.
  5. Both studies are really stimulating.thanks
  6. In india ,we do not need to get permission to use probiotics. but many neos have reservations in using them though the fears are unfoynded.
  7. 99nicu and the 10 year anniversary

    Anniversary wishes to all members of 99nicu family
  8. DAUGHTER'S wedding photos

    My daughter's wedding took place on 15 th june 2015. We had a get together of 5 batches of medical college friends in a unique sangeeth function on 14 th june 10 am. It was filled with fun and frolic . Nearly 3 hrs of continous programmes from friends and family.Sunday evening we had marriage reception followed by Marriage ceremony on 15 th morning.