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  1. now the baby is 34 + weeks. Why a drop in platelet in baby growing great? i will rather observe and repeat after 72 hrs
  2. We see quite a few .The response to exchage transfusion is good ii will add my poster presentation done at ebneo in 2015
  3. Please add - is there a rooe fot exchange transfusion in sckerema
  4. Dear Stefan, i do not have access to that article. Will it be possible to share?Thanks
  5. used it when the response to other drugs is poor. Very useful
  6. How fast is the response you have observed for early intervention for babies who have had some neuological assault like seizure, hypoglycemia? Any articles which prognosticate?
  7. I have seen 2 newborns recently with hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia. Both of them settled down with diazoxide.How common is the transient form?
  8. i can thankfully remember the help i received during my early career as a neonatologist in a remote town in india. Long live 99nicu
  9. good questions. we keep our 1000gms-1100 gms babies in the room with the parents and not in nicu after their medical conditions are stabilised . All relatives are taught KMC.
  10. Hello, Here is our observation we made in our nicu about congenital pneumonia. Please go through and if you need any clarification will be happy to give The retrospective study was an unpublished one Neonatal Pneumonia, A major cause of respiratory distress.doc
  11. ONTOP learning from AIIMS will be very good. i am attaching the screen shot of the web page you need to send an e mail to puneet.nagi@yahoo.com
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