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  1. Hello I am a new Neo grad and would like to know where I could get access to the PDF MCQs 80 that you mentioned in one if your posts. Thank you Sharayu

  2. I wonder what was the indication to place UVC at day 14 ? I.e Abo or Rh happen very early .. G6PD ? Or just breast feeding hyperbilirubinemia ?
  3. Hi all: There was some recommendation from AAP regarding fortifying the formula or breast milk in VLBW for 6-9 month or until the infant get into acceptable growth chart lines. As far as I k ow, many VLBW don't have a catch up growth may be until somewhere between 1-2 years. Of course even worse with the sick infants , SGA or IUGR. My questions are: What is your routine practice in discharging VLBW on fortified formula or BM. How do you recommend continuing that? Do their pediatricians follow the recommendation? How would you decide the fortification strength and length? Studies ? How do you guarantee that the nursing mother will continue pumping and fortifying the milk? Meaning its a bit hard and nursing right from the breast is much easier.. Do you recommend Breast feeding late say 4/-5 times and some 22 cal/oz 2-3 times daily ? Thank you ! Feras
  4. Ive heard some recommendation to use smaller ETT with down syndrome babies secondary to their risk of developing subglottic stenosis . Any ideas?
  5. Today I was flipping thru "atlas of the newborn" and looked at many photos of gangrenes in the Lowe extremities secondary to arterial thrombosis or wrong placement. Somehow I decided to take out the UAC as soon as possible..(I do keep them for 5-7days usually) It was scary stuff !!
  6. We do if UVC went east or south.. Or if infant is so edematous and hard to place a PICC..
  7. Hi all: We try to place PICC lines in upper extremities, if difficult then we go to lower extremities .. Sometimes scalp veins look very "tempting" to advance them through .. My Question for you: Do you have any advice in sense of indications, contraindications, complications etc ?? Thanks FA
  8. Agree, but it may be reasonable to treat for 7 -10 days if you could not do a spinal tap if there was chorioamnionitis suspicion ..
  9. This is a huge topic ! Probably you have to go thru topics of neonatal surgery like CDH, ECMO,necrotizing enterocolitis , abdominal wall defects Fetal surgery and compare the morbidities, mortalities , technics etc
  10. Neonatal review book( Dara broadsky) , cloherty hand book ESP of ID section, are the most intensified. Buy the material of neonatal board review course . There's a book PDF MCQ from 80's .. U get 10-15 percent of questions from there .. Assisted ventilation for Goldsmith , fannarof, if u want That's what I did ! I passed !
  11. Hi all: Any one using Mastisol to secure the ETT? We've had couple of incidents were it looked like "chemical burns" may be because of the a bit too much of Mastisol. So what is the census here ? Do you use it or not ? or we can make up another question: How do you secure ETT esp. in VLBW? Do you use any liquid adhesive?, if yes , what kind?
  12. I am not sure if this is funny or not , but I used not to hold feeding during transfusion, then all of my collegues were holding the feeds and looking at me like I'm an alien from the outer space with 2 heads !! so I did hold the feeding for few years then it appeared that it doesnt really affect the NEC incidence so now I am doing the following: I feed the infant, then start RBC's transfusion over 2 hours. using one IV to adminster the RBC's ,check sugar in the middle, then resume feeding in an hour or 2 after finishing the transfusion. I'm not sure if you classify me under who's holding or not holding ! :)
  13. I was wondering to call something a congenital pneumonia? Some centers call RDS a congenital pneumonia and treat it for 7 days Abx if infants > 35wks GA required O2 more than 4-8 hours. Others will treat if RDS lasted for >48 hrs ..others may not treat and will call RDS and will treat just for 48 hrs and watch closely for Bcx and clinical status and finally some centers may call it TTN even if the infant required FIO2 .. My question is : 1-When do you call "something" congenital pneumonia? i.e what are your criteria? 2-What is the msot common pathogen you think? 3-Do you treat? if yeas, for how long? (assuming you will use amp and gent) Thanks for sharing ! FA
  14. Thanx for yur nice complement, I'm sorry that I missed it over the last 3 months !! Any way , I work in pennsylvania , USA , graduated from university of Pittsburgh 2 years ago BC in LEDs and neonatology.

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