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Neobars to secure ETT in neonates

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1- Are anybody out there using neobars to secure the ETT?

2- If you use neobars, explain why you prefer them over the adhesive tapes attached to the lip to secure the ETT

3- If you do not use the neobars explain why not.

4. Do you use any other method to secure your ETT?

I do not want to skew your answers, so I will give my personal opinion later.

Thanks so much for your participation in this short survey, any response will be greatly appreciated.

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We (still) use tape (and a safety pin...) and would be grateful for more information (as I think we should move on to something that feels more... up-to-date :))

The topic has been up before also, please see



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Guest Donna RRT-NPS

I am a Respiratory Therapist in the U.S. Our neonatal unit started utilizing neobars for securing ETT vs tape to assist with less trauma / agitation with retaping and for developmental reasons. This device made the mouth more accessable, even being able to tape other tubes to the bar. We initially liked this device, but found that our accidental extubation rate went up with this device. There is too much play in the device, whereby it can trombone out of the mouth. This is why we stopped its use.

We now use the neofit and have had great success with it. It has a velcro strip to hold the ETT onto the bar, also closer to the mouth. The ETT can be repositioned without removing the device, providing for less trauma and pain around the mouth. Self Extubation rates are now within national standards. This device is made by coopersurgical. international phone 203-601-9818. U.S. 800-243-2974. I hope this helps.

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We use neobars in preference to taping for the same reasons as the previous writer. We find that tapes need retaping too often on a sensitive skin and duoderm is so much nicer when taken off. Ett when secured on the side of the mouth with tapes have a tendency to roll in the mouth if the baby looks to the opposite of where the circuit is secured and if taped in the center of the mouth, the tapes and ETT can erode the lips and palate. Skin care is easier and you don't have that problem where drool ruins your taping job because the neobars is secured to the face far from the mouth.

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