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  1. Check out this blog post by Keith Barrington whether transfusions trigger NEC. Or does anemia. https://neonatalresearch.org/2019/04/16/do-transfusions-trigger-nec-or-does-anemia/ I would say that there are enough clinical research data out there to say that there seems to be NO association. Just check out the PINT trial, the RCT comparing a liberal vs a restrictive Hb level for transfusion in preterm infants. If anything, the more liberally transfused group of infant had less NEC. And read this paper by Patel et al that nicely demonstrates that there seems to be confounding of indication coming into play, i.e. it is not the transfusion but the underlying anemia is the problem. Despite research findings, this question (whether transfusions "lead to" NEC) is still troubling us. Why so?
  2. A week ago, we met up at the Future of Neonatal Care conference, AKA the #99nicuMeetup, in Copenhagen, DK. There were four day intensive days for myself, @Francesco Cardona and more than 200 people travelling from 32 countries - neonatal staff members, speakers and workshop leaders, and partner representatives. Topics included outcomes and ethics at the viability border, NEC prevention, neonatal transports, use of inotropes, hyperglycemia, cord clamping, high flow and pain management. And much much more! In short, everything went really well. Given that our vision is to "make the world smaller" and create a space for networking (in addition to a great learning experience) , I would like to share our sincere Thank You to all all delegates, faculty members and Partners for making the #99nicuMeetup the event it has become. Without You coming to "share and care", there would be no dynamics, no laughter, and no #99nicuMeetup. We did our best to share the conference over Twitter (see hashtag #99nicuMeetup). We also video-recorded the lectures, and we plan publish the set of lectures on Youtube in a few weeks time. If you attended and have photos you want to share, please add to the Gallery below (or email them to info@99nicu.org and I upload). See you next year !
  3. @juan carlos vidal sorry that I did not see that you posted this question in this thread - but have shared over our social channels now. Anyway, it seems that you have adjusted the HFV as possible, with reduced freq and a higher d-P. Does your ventilator give tidal volumes? What approx levels of PCO2 (kPa) do you have? Have you tested regular tidal support, like SIPPV?
  4. Great podcast! In fact, we almost had the interviewed author Joe Kaempf as speaker at this years "Future of Neonatal Care conference (last week in CPH). Let's hope he can come next year
  5. Stefan Johansson


    @Francesco Cardona great paper! And reminds me of medical studies when I struggled with the coagulation pathways... (like the embedded image below) @Marina22 Did you have something special in mind?
  6. Stefan Johansson

    99nicu Meetup 2019

    Share photos from the Copenhagen Meetup here!
  7. From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    We arrive by boat to Toldboden.
  8. From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Toldboden - before we all came in!
  9. From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Outside the restaurant Toldboden where we had the Conference Dinner.
  10. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Prof Barbara Schmidt runs workshop on non-inferiority trials. Excellent workshop!
  11. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Looking out from the 99nicu Rocket
  12. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Yogen Singh starting off his highly popular workshop on Echocardiography.
  13. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Morten Breindahl and Francesco Cardona just about to start a Neonatal Transport (workshop)!
  14. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Third time for our Finnish Team - Sari Ahlqvist-Björkroth and Liisa Lethonen run their workshop on family-centered care.
  15. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Prof Haresh Kirpalani during the workshop on how/when enough evidence changes in clinical practise. Excellent workshop!
  16. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Evidence around blood transfusions, shared by Haresh Kirpalani
  17. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Audience participation, here from dr Ravi Patel.
  18. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Geraldine Boylan lectured on etiology and diagnosis of neonatal seizures. In 2020 we hope she comes back for the management-lecture.
  19. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Kathryn Beardsal lecturing about hyperglycemia.
  20. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Our tradition to build word clouds, this from Tuesday morning 9/4.
  21. Stefan Johansson


    From the album: 99nicu Meetup 2019

    Gorm Greisen and a minimalistic slide Great talk on measuring cerebral perfusion (" and what then?")
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