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Blood glucose monitoring - which device do you use?

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We currently use the Freestyle glucose monitoring device (a variant of this one http://www.abbottdiabetescare.com/freestyle-lite-blood-glucose-monitoring-system.html) but feel frustrated about it.

This monitoring system was evaluated at Karolinska about ten years ago (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16299875) and the correlation with our previous "gold standard" - venous blood sugars measured with the Hemocue machine - was found to be good.

Now, we often see that low values obtained with the Freestyle are commonly normal when venous samples are measured by the regular lab or with Hemocue.

What equipment do you use for blood glucose monitoring in your unit?

Does anyone have experience from micro-dialysis of newborns/preterms?

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Hello Stefan!

I do not have experience with micro-dialysis but I am studying (pilot study) a subcutaneous glucosemonitor (Medtronic) and having good results with this device in late preterm and newborn babies. (Correlation between HemoCue and the Medtronic device (CGMS))

Greetings from Huddinge


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I just found out that we do not longer have the device that was tested here in the early 2000s (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16299875), but a "updated" version...

So, the truth is that we are using a non-validated device. Which does not seem to work for neonates.

We'll speak to Abbott (the manufacturer) but we are now really looking into the market for a new method for blood glucose monitoring.

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I felt that glucometers that we use in NICU basically work in the same way , regardless of the make . However , I may be wrong

I am presently in retrieval services , and hence use the iSTAT machine for getting the entire electrolytes , blood gas and glucose . This is fantastic as far as retrieval services are concerned . Even in NICU , where we do regular blood gases , the blood glucose value that appears on the gas result is often relied upon . It seems its reliable to an extend .. And the amount of blood required for glucometer and for ISTAT , capillary blood gas dont differ much ....



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Great to this topic re-surface after 10y!

We switched to an AccuCheck apparatus (not the small patient device, a more bulky white/purple device for hospital use) since a few years back. It works reasonably ok in my experience but we still see false positives for hypoglycemia (for example, the AccuCheck results indicates like 1.9 when our blood gas machine gives 3.1)

My feelings around this super-common test: in those times when everything becomes better, why cannot someone invent a point of care device that WORKS for newborns... 🤔

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We also use the bulkier Accu Check.  Our lab validated with laboratory values before we implemented it and it performed better than the Hemecue.  We have found it is not good with values below 2.6mmol/L. If we have concerns we send a lab sample as comparing one POCT test with another is not useful as one or both could be inaccurate


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