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Asphyxia newborn our dughter named Sára


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Dear mr\mrs


We contact you because we are parents of asphyxiated newborn named Sára. She was resuscitated at birth (pH 6,6 Lactate 20) and she had treatment with terapeutic hypotermia for 72 hours. Now she has acute and subacute changes (thalamus, capsula interna, corticospinal tract, periventricular and cortical P-F-O bilateral) on MRI. We are hospitalized on Neonatology department Childrens hospital Bratislava,Slovakia). We would like to ask you if you now about some terapeutic trials which could help our daughter.

We are grateful for every advice or option which could improve the condition our daughter.


She was born 24.03.2014


Thank you very much for your early answer.


Best regards Martin a Zuzana Galčík.


E-mail: martin.galcik@gmail.com

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Thank you for contacting us. We usually do not give medical advice nor counsel in this forum.

However we will try our best to help you and your baby.

From your post, I see that your baby has received therapeutic hypothermia which is the current standard practice in neonatology for management of Perinatal Asphyxia cases.

Other than supportive care and careful follow-up and early intervention if any neurological sequlae are detected, currently there is no other evidence based therapeutic intervention specific for perinatal asphyxia.


Your neonatologist and the pediatric neurologist are the best persons to guide you regarding this matter.

If you have any further querries, please do ask us. Though I remind you again that your doctors in your unit are the best persons to answer your querries as they have the case in front of them and know all the case details


We wish you and your baby all the best.

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Dear Martin and Zuzana Galcik, thanks for your post here and I am sorry to hear about your daughter's start in life.

As JACK writes, we refrain from giving medical advice to parents. The main reason being that it is hard to give good advice when not seeing the whole picture and context. Parental advice is also (yet) beyond the scope of this community.

Generally speaking - hypothermia is currently the treatment used for perinatal asphyxia. Whether there are experimental research (such as clinical trials) where your daughter Sara is staying - you will need to discuss with the doctors that knows you and Sara. To my knowledge there are no additional clinically available therapies (than hypothermia) that are "neuroprotective". In our units we have no such treatments and we have no ongoing trials either.

The most important that we focus on after the acute phase is nutrition and growth, as for all babies, and of course a regular follow-up visits after discharge from hospital.

Sending my thoughts to you and Sara.

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