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Need For Help Please ! please have a look all

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hi every one >>

 i have introduced myself here in this amazing forum ,, once again .. iam a young dr from libya ..

working in small neonatal intensive care unit .


 we are looking forward to make our services optimum ,, we are far from the target but hopefully on the right tract 

 nowadays , i became a leader of group (registrar) . and i want to have a clear vision and ways to organize two thing very important 



do you have anything to help me ?

we r thinking of make in each group , one dr responsible for applying infection control measures , and some one else responsible for developmental care >>


i hope i explain my question in good way .. all i want is to share your experience with me, how your people overcome these challenges ?


(( you know what i purchase from internet ? audiometry and light meter .. as apart as assessment to our unit design .. but i found myself in the middle of no where .. i just need a map and clear , easy to apply advice's .


thanks alot .


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Hi Aymen.


    Welcome to 99 NICU.  I'm a Neonatologist from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. ( an Island in the Caribbean )

I 'll share some ideas about infection control with you.I think active surveillance will make a huge difference in the morbidity and mortality of your Unit. It is a good idea to have a group of people responsible for this, but you need to involve your nurses.

Nurses are the ones who take direct care of the babies, of course infection control includes all health care team.

Correct hand washing is the most important measure, alcohol based hand rub , must be available ( near ).

IV. lines, solutions and lab samples must be done with strict asepsia. Try cleaning every shift with alcohol or disinfectant in the area where nurses prepare solutions or meds .

When changing diapers, nurses need to remove gloves, and wash hands immediately.

Avoid multi-dosis vials. Remove iv lines as soon as possible,make a rational use of antibiotics to avoid resistance, feed your babies with mothers milk the sooner the better.

If you don't have people with hospital cleaning experience you need to read about it, and teach them.

A program of continual education and motivation of all staff is very important because we forget easily about cleaning our hands.

Good luck !!!  Best wishes for your people in Lybia.  :)

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