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  1. Thanks! Sharing with my residents and other Neonatologíst in my Hospital in Dominican Repúblic.
  2. Great !!! You put a big smile on my face.
  3. Best wishes for 99NICU !!!. Sharing the knowledge and caring for babies all over the world . Thanks Stefan !!! A big Caribbean Hug from Dominican Republic.
  4. We often send home stable premature babies of less than that weight and GA, because if we left them in the unit they get infected. First we train the mother. Make sure his breastfeeding well. And controling temperature in a basinete with a lamp for 24hrs.. We check them every other day during the first week ( with weight ). then weekly until 2,500 gr. Believe me they do better at home, but training the mother or the grandmother is key to sucess. Kangaroo care is another good aproach . Good luck.!!! Blessings for the baby.
  5. Hi Friends. I recently saw an interesting video about surfactant administration without an ET, using a thin feeding tube with a Magill forceps. Anybody with experience using this method ? Any articles available ? Thanks. Kind Regards.
  6. Hi Aymen. Welcome to 99 NICU. I'm a Neonatologist from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. ( an Island in the Caribbean ) I 'll share some ideas about infection control with you.I think active surveillance will make a huge difference in the morbidity and mortality of your Unit. It is a good idea to have a group of people responsible for this, but you need to involve your nurses. Nurses are the ones who take direct care of the babies, of course infection control includes all health care team. Correct hand washing is the most important measure, alcohol based hand rub , must be availab
  7. Thanks Stefan, this Photo gallery is FANTASTIC . Excellent learning and teaching tool. Love it !!!!
  8. Thanks for answering my concerns , Francesco . Unfortunately the companies( Abbot or Richet )don't have that kind of studies.I found the same concern in some neonatologist from Argentina, long time ago, when it was marketed for the first time. We are thinking about making a small trial to have our own results. Thanks again for taking the time to help me . This is the beauty of 99 NICU. Regards. Leonora .
  9. Hi dear friends... I'm looking for advice. Our Hospital is facing a hard financial time. We use Survanta as our brand surfactant. Administrators wants to buy a cheaper surfactant ( Richet... from Argentina ) . We want to make sure we are using in our babies products that are safe and effective. Really concern .... Wellcome your opinions. Kind Regards... Leonora.
  10. Hello ! We also use saline O.9%, plus acetylcisteine. Our nurses use an electric toothbrush, cover with gauze as vibration therapy to move the secretions. You have to be careful when giving respiratory therapy to a newborn, specially if is a LBW infant, because if you use percusion, you could increase the IVH, risk. Best Wishes . Leonora.
  11. We use Atlanta Takaoka... Believe me, this are highly efficient, ventilators. Ours are busy 24/7 . Very easy to use. Residents, nurses and attendings like them .
  12. Hi Dr. Dinag.I'll be very happy to share with you our experience. I will send you the pictures of our CPAP, as soon as I can , I'm now out of town for personal reasons.This is a rudimentary way of giving some pressure, to babies that need respiratory support. But we can talk about a before and after, in our mortality rates from respiratory failure, as soon as we learn how to use them. Thanks for the oppportunity to help your babies from so far away. Thanks 99 NICU !!!!!. Regards. Leonora.
  13. I would like to Know about your policies for babies with mother with recent urinary tract infection ( w positive culture ) or vaginal infection. Controversy around..... Sometimes babies look fine , lab is Ok and they put them on antibiotics until blood culture is negative. Are we exposing this babies to the nosocomial flora ? And taking them away from their mothers unnecessarily ?.Regards. Leonora.
  14. Excellent review . Thank You. Sharing it with the residents. Easy lecture. !!!!!!
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