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I am asking for help


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Hi every body


my English language is not perfect:rolleyes:


I thank you for all informations which help me a lot:o


I want help in my seminar which i will perform.it is about the difference between the new guidelines(2010)of neonatal resuscitation &2007.but when i do search i cannot find 2007

:confused:please help me &tell me where i can find it

or what the difference if any body know it

thank you again

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under the american academy of pediatrics you can pull up the new guidelines for neonatal resuscitation, there have been some changes and updates if you let me know what you are needing and I will send you some stuff...also you can pull up neonatolgy on the web and it has a ton of sites and information available to you from all over, and not just the us.

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my deer friend, 1-reduction of pressure by using barometer on ambubag or neobuff t piece system.2-reduction of oxygen concentration by using blenders for correct fio2.3-using oxymeters or pulseoxymeters to guid the spo2 during stages of res.4-using cpap for resucitation of preterms and continue to n.i.c.u.5-using intubation if you do cardiac compression.6-again using h.r below 100 for ippv and below 60 for c.compression.7-using glucose as res. medication ++others.8- legal issues and ethics

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