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  1. until
    ort Said Neonatology Society is honored to invite you to its Eighth Neonatology Conference 18-21 October 2017 Venue: Al Fayrouz resort Port Said Six Pre -conference workshops: Wednesday 18th & Friday 20th of October Conference sessions: Thursday 19th & Friday 20th of October Registration linkConference website
  2. Port Said Neonatology Society is honored to invite you to its Eighth Neonatology Conference 18-21 October 2017 Venue: Al Fayrouz resort Port Said Six Pre -conference workshops: Wednesday 18th & Friday 20th of October Conference sessions: Thursday 19th & Friday 20th of October Registration link
  3. Welcome sir, thank you for your inquiry, for reservation & fees details, please contact our organizer: https://www.facebook.com/groups/102232733150410/ thank you sir
  4. Port Said Neonatology society will held its Seventh Neonatology Conference, from the 20-22nd of October 2016, at Port Said Egypt, on Mediterranean sea. http://portsaidneogrp.com
  5. Port said neonatology society workshop in Dubai, travel from Cairo will be at 30th of January & return at 3rd of February, workshop will start at the day of arrival nigt (30th of January for 3 days), accredited 12 CME hours will be provided, lectures will be provided by: from Abu Dhabi: dr Hesham Tawakol, Al Corniche Hospital & dr Junaid khan, Al Rahba hospital & from Dubai, Latifa hospital: dr Khaled El-Atawi & dr Mahmoud Elhalik, dr M. Osama Hussein. Workshop will take place in Avari hotel, Deira, Dubai. contact us on: portsaidnicus@gmail.com, organizer: Mr. Ahmed El-Naidy, Spark Travel,Telefax : (+202) 24052650, (+2)(2)01007666755, Add. 8 dr,Mohamed Hamam St.Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt,
  6. Agenda of Port Said Fifth Neonatology conference 23rd – 24th, October 2014 NEONATAL CARE, What's up Day 1 Thursday 23rd of October ۞ Registration 4 – 5 pm ۞ 5 – 5.30 pm: Reception party ۞ 5.30 pm: Conference opening ۞ 5.45 pm: Opening talk: ¤ Dr Osama Hussein (El Nasr hospital, Port said) - Neonatal care, What's up? ۞ 6.15 - 7.45 pm: Session 1: What's new ¤ Prof Atef Donia (Al Azhar univ) - Role of antioxidants in preterm ¤ Prof M El Sawy (Ein Shams univ) - Clinical approach to a case of ambiguous genitalia ¤ Prof Alaa Sobih (Cairo univ) - Targeted Neonatal Echocardiography ۞ 7.45 – 8.15 pm Coffee break ۞ 8.15 – 9.45 pm: Session 2 ¤ Prof Kamal El Tohami (Al Azhar univ) - Ebola virus disease ¤ Prof Omayma Anwar (Cairo univ) - Follow up care of preterm infants ¤ Prof M Khashaba (Al Mansoura Univ) - Strategies for prevention of BPD: wishful thinking or reality? ۞ 10 pm: End of day 1 Day 2 Friday 24th of October ۞ 5.30 – 7 pm: Session 3 ¤ Prof Mohamed Mazahi (Al Azhar univ, Domyatt) - Hepacidin and iron metabolism ¤ Prof Mosalam Naser (Al Azhar univ) - Modes of neonatal ventilation ¤ Dr Osama Arafa (Port fouad hospital) - High risk neonates and neuro developmental outcome? ۞ 7– 7.30 pm: break ۞ 7.30 pm: delivery of prizes & awards ۞ 7.45 – 9.15 pm Session 4 ¤ Prof Sonia El Sharkawy (Suez Canal univ) - Management of acute renal injury in pediatrics ¤ Dr El Sayed Khalaf (Port fouad hospital) - Case presentation & Port fouad NICU statistical data ¤ Prof Olfat Fawzy (Al Azhar univ, girls) - Neonatal hypocalcemia ۞ 9.15 pm: Closing ceremony & recommendations ۞ 9.30 pm: End of day 2
  7. Port said neonatology society will launch its Fifth neonatology conference, at the 23rd -24th of October 2014, Al Fayrouz resort, Port said. Sessions will start at 5.30 pm Thursday 23rd & Friday the 24th at 10 am & 5.30 pm. There will be a preconference NRP doctors' workshop at the 22nd 23rd of October, another workshop about neonatal echocardiography will be held at Friday 24th . Attending the conference sessions is free but for accommodation at Al Fayrouz resort, a sponsoring company is needed. Registration is needed to attend conference sessions by sending personal data (name, address, workplace, mobile & email), by an email to portsaidnicus@gmail.com. Our organizer: Spark travel, Telefax: +20(2) 240 33 427 / Mob: 01007557666 Address: 8Dr. Mohamed Hamam St, Nasr City, Cairo-
  8. our fourth neonatology conference, it will be held under the title of : "Neonatal care, every day practice" , it will at the 24 & 25 th of October 2013, at Al fayrouz resort on the Mediterranean sea, Port said, Egypt. For registration send your personal information (name, email, address, mobile,workplace) to this email: portsaidnicus@gmail.com Conference website: portsaidneogrp@gmail.com http://portsaidneogrp.com/?page_id=371
  9. Excellence in pediatric Gastroenterology & nutrition "EPGN" GASTROENTEROLOGY FOR GENERAL PEDIATRICIANS Hurgada, Egypt, 10-13 April , 2013 Desert Rode hotel Professor Mostafa El Hodhod President of the conference http://www.epgn.org/index.html Congress Topics 1-Abdominal pain and Infantile colic 2-Gut infections and inflammation 3-Vomiting 4-Diarrhea 5-GI bleeding 6-Constipation 7-Abdominal distension 8-Anorexia 9-Significance and benefits of laboratory findings 10-When to treat and when to refer GI cases. 11-GI link to other systems 12-Drugs and GI tract 13-Surgical concerns 14-Food intolerance 15-Feeding disorders 16-Normal nutrition 17-Clinical Nutrition in special contexts 18-Nutrigenomics Honorary Presidents Prof Gilan Othman Prof Hamed Shatla Prof Hamed El-Khayat Prof Sanaa Shaaban Secretary General Mortada El-Shabrawi Congress co-ordiantors Ihab Khairy Ahmad Hamdy Head of the organizing committee Talal Abdel Aziz Farrag Scientific committee Ahmad Abdullah Behairy El -sayed Hany Aly Maysa Amer Mohamed El-Guindy Sameh Abdel Hay
  10. 1st Medical Awareness Pediatric Conference (MAPC) 7 : 9 March 2013 Cancun – Ain Sokhna Practical Issues in Pediatric & Neonatal Medicine Arab society for health awareness & continuous medical education (ASHA & CME ) Honorary President : Prof . Dr : Salah Nasar President of the Conference Prof . Dr : Mohamed Hashem Vice President of the Conference:Prof . Dr : Hala Hamza General Secretary: Prof . Dr : Lamyaa Mohsen General Coordinator: prof . Dr : Mohamed Salah Scientific Committee : Prof. Dr : Ayman El badawy Prof. Dr : Samy El Shiemy Prof. Dr : Mona El-Falaky Prof. Dr : Amira Edris Prof. Dr : Zahraa Ezz Eldin Prof. Dr : Rania Hosny Prof. Dr : Motaza Bushir Prof. Dr : Mohamed Rashad Prof. Dr : Mona El Samahi Prof. Dr : Eman Eskander Prof. Dr : Msalam Naser Prof. Dr : Ahmed Saad Prof. Dr : Hatem Hussin Prof. Dr : Abeer Atef Prof. Dr : Rania Hegazy Prof. Dr : Amira Esmat Organizing Committee : Prof. Dr : Rania Hosny Prof. Dr : Yasmeen Mansy Prof. Dr : Ahmed Badr Prof. Dr : Ayman Emel Main Topics : Practical issues in : Neonatal medicine Pediatric cardiology Infant feeding and nutrition Pediatric allergy and pulmonology Pediatric endocrinology Pediatric neurology Pediatric psychiatric problems Infections Vaccination Dermatology الاجندة+ا...doc
  11. Our neonatology workshop in Dubai, travel from Cairo will be at Thursday 31 January, workshop will be from 1 – 3 February, return to Cairo will be at the 4th of February, 9 CME hours will be provided, certificates will be accredited by the Abu Dhabi health authority (HAAD), lectures will be provided by unique Gulf area staff, including dr Alaa El Demerdash, head of neonatal unit, Latifa hospital, Dubai, dr Hesham tawakol, consultant neonatologist at El Corniche hospital, Abu Dhabi & dr Junaid Khan, chief of staff, Al Rahba hospital, Abu Dhabi, all this while enjoying the beauty of Dubai during shopping festival & wonderful weather. Neonatologists from the Gulf area can attend the workshop & have certificates, fees for Gulf doctors will be 70 $. Contact us for more details Our organizer: Spark Travel Tel & Fax : (+202) 24052650 Mobile : (+2) 01221818760 Add. 8 Dr,Mohamed Hamam St. Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. E-Mail: Spark.travel@hotmail.com
  12. Port said neonatology group is making its third conference at October 18 & 19th in Helnan hotel Port said, Egypt. This year, it will be under the title of "EVIDENCE BASED NEONATOLOGY" Organizing company: Spark Travel Tel & Fax : (+202) 24052650 Mobile : (+2) 01221818760 Add. 8 Dr,Mohamed Hamam St. Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt. E-Mail: Spark.travel@hotmail.com Our forum http://www.portsaidneogrp.com/forum Our conference website: http://portsaidneogrp.com Our Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/#!/portsaid.neonatology Our twitter account https://twitter.com/PortsaidNeonate
  13. Pre conference Neonatology workshop, it will be held as a pre conference workshop for Port said third neonatology conference it will be in Al Fayrouz resort, Port said, Wednesday 17 October 2012 , teaching will be done by pioneer staff from Egyptian universities & Gulf area neonatologists. Topics will include updated neonatal skills. Post test will be done & the highest score will be rewarded by a free travel to our post conference workshop in Dubai plus valuable presents for the next winners. Winners' names will be declared during the conference first day activities To register, send an email to portsaidnicus@gmail.com, sending name in arabic & english, adress, mobile number, work place.
  14. Port said neonaologists are going to held their second neonatology conference at the 20-22th of October 2011 in Port said city Egypt under the title of "Neonatology & the community" it will be held in Al Fayrouz resort. http://www.portsaidneogrp.com/index.html http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=hp#!/profile.php?id=100001197645016
  15. Our Port said first Neonatology conference, as a perinatology conference will include Professors of the Fetal medicine from Cairo university:Prof Alaa Al Abrashy, Prof Mohamed Momtaz , Prof Ahmed Al Sheikha & Prof Sherif Negm, it will be at 21-22 October 2010
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