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  1. Are there any practicing Neonatologists in the Netherlands? I wanted to inquire re the logistics of using my United States board certification in the Netherlands. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!
  2. I am seeking help to receive responses to a strategic review that is being conducted by the Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health of the World Health Organization, and to which I am making a contribution. The objective of this review is to conduct a rapid, high-level assessment of diagnostic and treatment guidelines used at hospitals, in frontline health facilities, and by community health workers. I am looking for other pediatricians/neonatologists with practical experience in low and middle income countries to complete this survey. PLEASE respond to this message or send a message to my inbox if you are able to contribute to this survey. Your contribution will be acknowledged in the final report. Please see the text below. Best regards, Azadeh Farzin, MD, MHS Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and International Health Johns Hopkins University Associate Director, International Center for Maternal & Newborn Health azadeh@jhu.edu
  3. I am looking to have access to a collection of EKG print outs representing common neonatal problems. i.e. hypokalemia, hyperkalemia, AV canal. The purpose would me for education of the neonatologists. Our EKGs are often read by the peds cardiologist and I feel it is a skill that is being lost. Does anyone have suggestions for a good online library, or book? Also, if you have any nice, classic EKG printouts that you an upload, I would GREATLY appreciate it.
  4. axf10

    Limits of viability

    Dear colleagues, I am interested to learn the limits of viability at your institution/country. I have worked in several large centers in the US and we tend to resuscitate infants >24 weeks/ >500 grams. The outcomes are relatively poor for the 24-26 weekers, but despite intense counseling, the majority of families express the desire to resuscitate the infant. I sense that the practice varies depending on culture/religion/and level of education of the patient population. Specifically, I hear that in places such as the Netherlands or even University of California, San Francisco, the usual cutoff for resuscitation vs. comfort care is 26-27 weeks. Can you please share your thoughts, practice, or insight on this matter. Again, I am not just talking about the legal limit, but the usual practice in your region. Thank you.