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  1. Hi Stefan, Thanks, maybe they are not too different to raise any concern. Now we are thinking about the interface for NCPAP. Could we combine the Nuflow cannula (a modified RAM cannula) and the reusable Medijet system with pressure monitoring? The Nuflow cannula is convenient in routine care but is mainly used for high flow nasal cannula, whereas we also want to provide an adequate and stable PEEP (i.e PEEP 6 - 8 cmH2O). Further, regarding the resistance of the system, I am not sure which one, RAM cannula attached to a reusable Medijet versus a disposable Medijet, is exerting higher
  2. I wonder which blenders you are using to deliver NCPAP to extremely preterm infants. Between the Medin Blender 1090 and NEO2 blend of Bio-med, I am not sure which one is better in terms of cost, durability and stability. We cannot afford the Infant Flow at the moment. Do you have any recommendation?
  3. 1. A will be C soon 2. Vte if possible, but usually PIP through non-invasive approaches. 3. RAM cannula if preterm and ETT if indicated for all.
  4. We usually start at 60-80 ml/kg/day on the first day for moderate/late preterm and full-term, and a little higher at 80-100 ml/kg/day for very preterm, and 100-140 ml/kg/day for extremely preterm newborns. Then we advance 10-20ml/kg each day on the following days. The glucose infusion rate is usually 3.5 to 4 mg/kg/minute or even lower for extremely preterm instead of 6 mg/kg/min due to a high percentage of significant hyperglycemia. So the volume of Dextrose 5% and 10% will be gauged accordingly. I am not sure whether a higher rate of glucose infusion with Insulin or a lower acceptable rate o
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