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  1. Hello all! I just wanted to pop the question if you use moisted and heated air to your T-piece device/ BVM/ other device when ventilating/supporting respiration in the delivery room? We do in GA < 30 weeks with a Fischer Paykel humidifier. If so, what kind of moister/heater? Do you have various modes "normal", "invasive"? Do you use it in just ELBW infants or all? ...or do you use normal, dry air/O2 and wait with the moist and heat until in the NICU? Thanks for your input! //Pontus Johansson
  2. I´ve never used the Neo tee, but other T-piece resuscitators which work fine, especially in preterm babies but I was a bit concerned reading this article showing that some devices do not deliver set PIP at all times https://fn.bmj.com/content/104/2/F122.abstract A so called PEEP valve on a bag in my opinion does not create a sufficient (or any...) PEEP. You need some kind of device with a flow. Maybe in a term baby using a 500 ml bag and slowly squeezing the bag keeping FRC, but still you don´t know the amount of PEEP. A good adjunct in this situation could be to to use a Respirat
  3. Dear collegaues! I´m very curious if things have changed and wanted to ask you all around the globe three questions on ventilation in the DR and also in the NICU? 1. What device do you mostly (only) use? a) Self inflating bag b) Flow inflating bag c) T-piece like Neopuff or other d) Ventilator 2. Do you also use some kind of respiratory function monitor and in that case, what parameter(s) do you primaly take in consideration for adjusting your actions (PIP, PEEP, Ti, Vte, Rate, leak%, other)? Yes/No 3. What adjunct to your ventilatory device do you
  4. The baby was more hypotonic/ floppy than you usually see in a child with ”only Mb Down”. We also tested extensively for muscle diseases, metabolic abnormalites and other but this was what came out.
  5. Dear Colleagues! Just a brief question if anyone (more than me) has met a baby with concomitant Mb Down and Prader Willi syndrome? This baby born at GW 30+1, initially severly sick with chylothorax which eventually resolved. Now at about 1 month corrected age with low flow O2, can´t really get off diuretics, feeding only by NG tube, hypotonia, normal heart. Just got the result about PW today and was curious about any other similar child "out there"? Regards Pontus
  6. Dear collegaues! I just wanted to hear your opinion doing continuous compressions when the baby has an LMA or do you always synchronize 3:1until intubated? In our national webeducation programme they say that you can "choose whether to synchronize or not" regardless of mask or LMA. Regards Pontus
  7. Strange if nothing was seen from the start? Else I agree on that having nevioid lesions, lipomas or hemangiomas centrally etc one should rule out CNS-defects.
  8. I´ve learned to cut in order to "optimize" VTV-mode so that the ventilator can read correctly and adjust to the Vt I want. I´m not sure though if it really matters... https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/ppul.20954
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