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  1. My infinite gratitude for taking the time to answer me. One more question, do you administer the saline solution and the TPN in Y? Thanks again I am very sorry to take so long to answer You at this time. We avoid use saline solution for dilutional use with TPN, We agree that could be a lot of Na (mEq) dependent of the weight of the patient. My best regards, Thank You.
  2. Nice to "talk" to You Emilio, I had worked in more than four institutions (NICU) over the past time, and the best result for ours premies was to have TPN at day first, with a total fluid volume calculated for 80 ml/kg/d , with a dextrose infusion for 4,2 - 5,5 mg/kg/min for 24 hours. We adjusted the volume and variations with Saline Solution, if necessary any reduction of total hidric volume. We also look for history about asphyxia and low APGAR scores at 5 minutes, at these cases We know We will have to start nutrition with more caution. We use a very closed monitorization of the diurese and If the respiratory or nephrologic systems are not ok We take the TPN off, We are really afraid of hyperKalemia. Thank You.
  3. I believe You really need to know about health law for surgical room, what are the resolutions and what about dimensions and position for all instruments, in Brazil I know where to find out, where are You working ?
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