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  1. Please also see the results that we have in this matter in Vietnam in journal of antibiotics https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2213716519301456 and in Plos one and help suggest strategies for how to manage the high rates of colonized children/neonates in South east Asia before it is spread to other parts of the globe.
  2. Swedish cooling. In sweden we are using at nearly all places the Tecotherm 200 whole body cooling system, we have not closed our boarders to other inventions or ideas but since the Tecotherm was used in TOBY we have kept using it. Olympics Cool cap has been considered in at a few sites but the price and the support have not been what we have wanted so far. ( But I am hopeful that this text will put these issues to a thing from the past or a historic event will happen when both the olympic and the Tec compamy in germany will say now we will give great support.) There have also been arguments t
  3. Dear all In sweden we have as mentioned by Stefan Johansson been running Cooling studies with Toby guidlines as a base for the new Swedish Guidlines. We are now in most places recruting children that is forfilling the old criterias of Toby but with the extention that CFM is not a must but a should if you have a CFM at the clinic. The Arguments for not having it as a mandatory at the inclusion are a few. Here is one of them : In sweden we wanted to be able to start as soon as possible with the cooling. And if you have a transport "issue" (from a local hospital to the speciallity clinic) an
  4. Dear all I have been involved in some of the swedish studies and are doing research in the field I will try to answer all the question ´s from my knowledge during next week Best regards Linus Olson
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