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  1. Jelli KA

    At 22 weeks of gestation does your faith matter most to outcome?

    #NeonatalEthics #NLS. Plenty of food x thought. Among all factors, here we focus on "#Futility" @ the edge of viability. As an optimist, I feel a big part of is #prudence: what/ how much experience has lead physiciam ( Is there a Neonatologist)? Team? , Beliefs, family background./+ Counseling Resources available.
  2. Jelli KA

    iNO in preterm

    In the experience, I remember that the NICU above the transport team I worked for used iNO with ventilation during a 'crisis' with pulmonary hypertension with the goal of stabilizing. It was always available for use during transport. One occasion I was able to observe some bed teaching. In this case there was a neonate who was on iNO and oscillating ventilation for some time before being transferred to another unit for ECMO.
  3. Jelli KA

    99nicu Meetup, 7-10 April 2019

    After the last round of articles .How about a little debate around NLS & Ethics
  4. Excited for my first speaker oportunity to a peds audience.We a small group of about 20 I did expect a litlle more. The good Things and not so good that needed improving here. The conference wad set to be the first consist of primary care topics & community health. The second was solid peads with a special section of neonatology talks in the afternoon. The was also a poster competition in the mix. Lets start with the good I really enjoyed the networking oportunity over a nice healthy lunch with people. We happened most to NICU peps of bar various multidisciplinary backgrounds so we got talking about developmental outcomes of preemie at several stages. Thus we able to cross pollinate with ideas. The were several talk that were really relevant to my posdoc expecially organisation:community health better and those that NICU ones .The most thought provoking one was the method of management explained by the Arizona Prof. McGrath ,developmental psychologist working NICU on neonatal abtinense sindrome: how they reduced the stay to about weekish-ten days reduced the used of morphine derivates. Other talk were little lenghty. Personal I manage to give my talk to the small peds audience. I was a tad nervous but manage to give a somewhat seamless talk summary a few points as it overlap with the previous talk on the golden hour on my work in ethics in NLS and generate some debate with those in room. I glad that my hotel was close by 10 walks away. A bonus on get macarons for mum on way back at the airport at Orly. On the otherhand, the organization of the event needed improving as it was a bit ad hoc from my experience organising .We totally underestimated how far it would be from the airports CDG and Orly : +2 hours using a mix public transport , I used my trusty app citymapper to get there.The conference site was a cute Holiday Inn @ Noisy le Grand, subburds well outside Paris .
  5. Jelli KA

    99nicu Meetup, 7-10 April 2019

    How about musictherapy in NICU.
  6. Jelli KA

    ⏰Alarms in the NICU🔕

    Alarms in NICU are part of the environment and with more advanced model appear to be more present. As one walks through the unit one is going off, creating annoyance to staff.Thus, raising the issue have reached a 'fatigue alarm'. Among I and some of the NICU professionals in my twitter Community belief. An article by Belteki and Morley give some answers. COPYRIGHTED THE Child &Fetal Archives Here the link below : https://bmj.altmetric.com/details/28352250
  7. Jelli KA

    Next 99nicu meetup coming up in 2019!

    Ahh Great! almost Copenhague What a treat 😍😎