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  1. Had a chance to attend #TEIBIO - Transference (of knowledge Entrepreneurship ) & Innovation in Biotech . inspirational talk on rare diseases awareness day and topics were bringing hope to paediatrics #nicu: by address solutions to Neonatal Congenital Heart #CHD ❤️and better tolerance heart transplant. - 💡Crazy scienceco-founder Dr. Beatriz Salvador shows us how her team have found a non-invasive treatment for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. They were able the hole in CDH by regulating the immune system. Have had 75%success rate and animal models have shown low toxicity. Currently recognized as an orphan drug EU - finalize animal model trial in a non-rodent model. Hopes to begin clinical trials in 2025 with the esteem collaboration of Dra. Mayte Vallejo, del Instituto para la Investigación Biomédica del Hospital Universitario La Paz de Madrid (IDIPAZ) y paciente advocacy association «La vida con Hernia Diafragmática Congénita» located in Mérida, Spain. Crazy Science & Business S.L. https://crazyscience.es Rafael C. Rocha THYTECH founded a start-up to find a solution to avoid rejection in❤️ transplant in babies. Here the team are using an infant's timus cell to avoid rejection. https://es.linkedin.com/company/thytech Thanks to Carlos Cosculluela Chocarro for the shout-out. @FundacionDRO AsBioMad
  2. Hi Philip, I recently read this article about locally designed designed made in Cameroon by autor Leocadia Bongben. http://nigeriahealthwatch.com/made-in-cameroon-the-locally-fabricated-incubator-designed-to-give-pre-term-babies-a-fighting-chance/?amp=1 In addition,as mentioned by @Gustaf Lernfelt mom-Incubator are designed for such setting. It is feature in an episode @TheIncubatorPodcast Check out #091 - - mOm Incubators: James Roberts. The Incubator Podcast #TechTuesday featurin mOm-Incubator.
  3. until
    French Society of Neonatology present SFN presents their anual Conference in the Paris 12 th district. Presides Prof. Cyril FLAMANT for scientific section of the conference and Prof.Jean-Christophe ROZE for Société Française de Néonatalogie (SFN). Guest Speakers : Petra Hüppi, HUG in Geneva. JFRN22_PROGRAMME.pdf
  4. hey there here are organizations 🟡Medikamente für die Kleinsten – Deutsche Stiftung Kranke Neugeborene (DSKN) https://www.betterplace.org/de/projects/106791-medikamente-fuer-die-kleinste DSKN organizer of Dresden Symposium with ESPR raising funds for medication and medical supplies fo NICUs in Ukraine 🇺🇦 . Below a few words about the project. “A few years ago I visited some neonatal institutions in Kyiv. On site, we supported our colleagues in improving the care of premature and sick newborns. Now the call for help has reached us that the medical care of the little patients can no longer be guaranteed. Vital medicines for the newborns are urgently needed. The German Foundation for Sick Newborns would like to send the urgently needed medicines to the Ukraine and thus help their colleagues”- Prof. Mario Rüdiger ( translated to English ) 🔵 Tantaka is an organization that collaborates with the Spanish Red Cross and Caritas to fund medicines, food and logistical cost in the UK Vía la Universidad de Navarra.
  5. Dear All, Another organization helping Ukraine is UN World Food Program via their app Share a Meal. They have created a dedicated space - just clink on the link below x more #ShareTheMeal App donate online or download the app on Apple or Android. @piatkat. @Stefan Johansson
  6. until
    The French Society of Neonatology SFN-JFRN is having Conference Neonatal Conference: French Perspective on neonatal research Round tables talking about: * Neonatal Pains * Neonatal Sepsis * Neuro :Prevention of cranial malformations & SIDS https://www.infocongres.com/new/2021_sfn-jfrn/ C238_pre-programme_JFRN2021.pdf
  7. I haven’t heard about cool cuddle in Spain. I feel it is doable in NICU with care. I see as a way humanize care and allow parents to bond with their babies.
  8. Fantastic put together webinar by neonatal transport Seneo work neonatal transport group. Here are some favorite suggestions. 🔷Ear Muffs 🔷Air mattress 🔷Blanky with mum swell 🔷Fuzzy toy. 🔷Thank the Drivers : Be aware of G force driver have take with sudden break. 🔹Consider 🚑 design allow all to have a better transport experience. From my perspective it was Interesting the neonatal transport Landscape is diverse from the pioneering region Catalonia that NICU/PICU in 1995(🟢) to other regions that don’t. For example, Galicia have a private providers. Madrid & Valencia have dedicated Neonatal teams ( light 🔵). Some team's like the Balear region team have available helicopters/planes. Below is map showing the situation.Regions in 🛑 done by regional Emergency Teams. Benchmarking there work in a effort to improve the quality, provide constructive feedback and find ways to better ways to collaborate. Benchmarking and humanize care are interlinked with each other. They also underlined that need to keep in constant communication between the transport teams and the coordination hub.
  9. Hi all, I am relaying a message from one PhD Twitter Xavi Jimenez ( PhD student , Neonatal nurse at VallHebron, Barcelona) he reply to my re-tweet of the survey by saying the following In the Delivery room they don’t use humidified air, they mostly central air conditioning. They use the humidified air in the NICU as an extra during the Summer month. Cheers, Jelli
  10. So many to recommend , vital topics . Agree it a good idea to start with RCT TOBY trial/ Cool Cap Here the latest I viewed. Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stromal cells as an adjunct therapy with therapeutic hypothermia in a piglet model of perinatal asphyxia - ScienceDirect https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1465324920309300 by one Dr.Nicola Robertson et al who working on this field + 10 yrs.
  11. Today I sharing ‘tis post from HUGES a great. Organization dedicated to humanizing care in intensive care settings and emergency services. I particularly by this webinar on humanize. Management starting with leading with empathy, simply things that can be hard to achieve, but make us think Speakers suggests a few things to start with : J. Carlos March - Profesor EASP {Escuela Salud Publica- Public Health Institute of Andalucia} Director of School of patient. @joancmarch Focus aligning Humility, vision and Values. Suggests Emphasizing clear communication so that it flows with the team. Those we should aim to think in we . Leading can choose the words we say to br Proactive with self care and link up with stake holder in the community. Be awareness t ok to question , as when we question we can find ways to things better and learn. Chelo Nurse , Nursing Director ( Poniente Region) gives a glimpse Difference humanizing project going on. @cheloArtero Support each other and encourage the team to mindfully disconnect. For example Dosify info in this time of corovirus,so it not in a constant loop Have a dynamic & shared metrology to features to perinatal programs Cuidado co mimo in NICU : NICU care beyond family centered. Siempre en mi Mi. Supporting mums in perinatal death.
  12. Thanks for a such an well crafted seminar it really helped me get a fuller inderstanding of delayed cord clamping. Agree on we to have better collaboration.From my experience, as someone who part of job was to find beds for In-utero transfers. I have learned from my seniors and experience that It is essential that there a good communication flow between obs team as and the neonatal team yet it can be a tricky task .
  13. A article that most struck lately: This article by Dr. G.Moore et al researchers at the University of Ottawa, accessible #FOAM, give a good thoughtful analysis to whether chest compression & epinephrine cause more harm than good to V.preterm infants using 'principals' as an ethical framework aka the Spanish /French say does 'Encarnecimiento Terapeutico' a concept complex. As I understand, away to explain it what happens when you go beyond overtreatment? When continuing treatment is medically futile, but you keep going it starts to cause more harm than it yields benefits. Here the author explain with explain with examples why chest compression and justified in cases of need - concludes with a maybe.
  14. Thanks for the article. It very interesting to see help manage the spread antibiotic resistance . Lots to learn.
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