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  1. So many to recommend , vital topics . Agree it a good idea to start with RCT TOBY trial/ Cool Cap Here the latest I viewed. Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stromal cells as an adjunct therapy with therapeutic hypothermia in a piglet model of perinatal asphyxia - ScienceDirect https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1465324920309300 by one Dr.Nicola Robertson et al who working on this field + 10 yrs.
  2. Today I sharing ‘tis post from HUGES a great. Organization dedicated to humanizing care in intensive care settings and emergency services. I particularly by this webinar on humanize. Management starting with leading with empathy, simply things that can be hard to achieve, but make us think Speakers suggests a few things to start with : J. Carlos March - Profesor EASP {Escuela Salud Publica- Public Health Institute of Andalucia} Director of School of patient. @joancmarch Focus aligning Humility, vision and Values. Suggests Emphasizi
  3. Thanks for a such an well crafted seminar it really helped me get a fuller inderstanding of delayed cord clamping. Agree on we to have better collaboration.From my experience, as someone who part of job was to find beds for In-utero transfers. I have learned from my seniors and experience that It is essential that there a good communication flow between obs team as and the neonatal team yet it can be a tricky task .
  4. A article that most struck lately: This article by Dr. G.Moore et al researchers at the University of Ottawa, accessible #FOAM, give a good thoughtful analysis to whether chest compression & epinephrine cause more harm than good to V.preterm infants using 'principals' as an ethical framework aka the Spanish /French say does 'Encarnecimiento Terapeutico' a concept complex. As I understand, away to explain it what happens when you go beyond overtreatment? When continuing treatment is medically futile, but you keep going it starts to cause more harm than it yields benefits. He
  5. Thanks for the article. It very interesting to see help manage the spread antibiotic resistance . Lots to learn.
  6. After watching a documentary in ARTE about bacteriophages it made me think about how else is antibiotic resistance in NICU.? It available french / German Here the story phages was told. First discovered use by Felix Derrel to combat infections in the pre-antibiotics era and was later discredited and forget about in the western world Historically they worked rather well, so there is an attempt to bring them back in the light of increasing antibiotics resistance. This rediscovery started with lab study that showed that the phages were effective at clearing infection in rats pop
  7. This September I had the opportunity to go to BAPM-EBNEO to kept Learning a out Neonatology and hopefully network with the EBNEO, so glad I see lots of you face to face. This kept motivated to finish my PhD as I re-embark in find a new supervisor _only 1.5 yrs to go. I was real hard to let of the clinician in me as , this is my comfort zone. As a budding academic learn I get explore ideas and ways to implement them as bioethicists , as well finding ways to humanize the NIcU via processes. Last year, I took a small detour as jr.posdoc and spent time studying system thinking, process and how t
  8. Go through the equipment check . I start checking incubator follow the step but their a mal function. Instead of declare a failure have a second look it, they usually can a fresh look. When I worked for transport we simulate equipment check to at night to avoid equipment failure when tired and hungry. Here have a novice go through the new protocol steps , this way you can find bumps and pit falls. Hope it helps.
  9. Hola , Some time ago I read this really good article by Petra Hüppi who performed an RCT on use EPO in sinergie with HiE. Also Dr.Nicola Roberston who quite a bit of work on this area.
  10. Having read this article has many good ideas in my experience. The design rethink many good idea . 👌 for the safety of the neonates. I'd like to highlight 2 features. 1) ambulance tv screen/camera allows connexion the hospital site, such as when a tertiary center is necessary. Here a neonatologist can lead the team to provide optimum care of the neonate on transfer. It can use for example the zoom© software enabling remote telehealth service. Alternatively , the ambulance designed by the generalitat de catalunia is powered 4G-5G comm .Its communication system is has a direct to the hospit
  11. Last month I got a chance to day pass at ems2019 to get an update on hospital tranfer#picu by la paz and update on ilcor peadiatric resus by Dr Maconochiel who gave us an insight into how guidelines are elaborated -quite complex.I also the tech lover and intetact resus decives. The Mechanical for compression in for fevices look impressive , and fumctional .I was suprised to see many there are available to date x adult use only. My NLS Top medical devices -tried and tested Monivent(wireless &app). @99NICU so easy to use and it does show the volume needed and how softly you h
  12. Thanks for sharing @edcarsiarticle in spanish on palliative care in neonates in detail. It emphasis the importance of communication among the clinical team and with parent, involving them in their care.From the bioethical perspective value the metaphor of building bridge with the parents so improve and facilitate those difficult conversations ahead. Here are echoed many of the issues in neonates referring to end of life care. I found especially helpful the explanation of 'comfort care' -orthotanasia -allow nature to take its course * favouring natural dying progress ,while supportin
  13. "Check out this blog post by Keith Barrington whether transfusions trigger NEC. Or does anemia." https://neonatalresearch.org/2019/04/16/do-transfusions-trigger-nec-or-does-anemia/. Both this blog post and this previous on platelets are very interesting. It le me think how really complex is NEC, every time I look into there is seems to another layer of complexity. The debate and talks on 99 NICU meet give a lots think about. .These talks and article on platelets got me thinking. Would it make any difference it we slow the rate of transfusion of platelet? N
  14. Several tweet posted on the subject of music therap­y, namely by Fiona Lawson and Dr. Michae­l Narvey. It prompted me to share paper on the on the Music therapy(MT) in NICU as I was abl­e to research for my posgrad as a way of­ humanizing NICU experience. I had a top­ic on my mind for a while since I used t­o work in the NICU. I First heard of this kind of therapy from a french television TV5. Here I saw how music was used in a neurological ward for its appeasing edge. Music therapy i­n Medicine has been around since ancient time.­es.In the NICU it has been used as a therapeutic tool for
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