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  1. The reason for posting this thread is that we have had in our unit a neonate who presented with severe bleeding and finally died. He did not respond to random donor platelets with laboratory confirmed platelet count elevation although bleeding was controlled after each transfusion. He did not respond even after mother donated platelets. Blood collected from both parents and baby was sent for MAIPA which failed to reveal anti-HPA Abs in mother's serum, although genotyping showed an incompatibility in HPA-15b (baby and father positive, while mother negative). HLA cl I Abs were found but they
  2. Thank you for your feedback. Do you always rely on a positive flow cytometry and/or a positive glycoprotein-specific assay or the diagnosis is sometimes clinical?
  3. My first post in your forum. Congratulations and keep up the good work. I would like to know your clinical prctice regarding diagnosis and management of NAIT. 1. Which combination of clinical symptoms and lab results are suggesting NAIT, taking into consideration that current anti platelet Ab detection has a high rate of false negatives? 2. What kind of trnsfusion product do you use. Random donor platelets, do you have typed platelets, do you perform mother platelet apheresis? 3. Have you come across any non-responders? 4. What about genetic councelling to parents of NAIT neonates? Dim
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