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  1. Thank you for your response, Dr. Satyen. I did read that publication but it does not address my question about using the incubator as a physical barrier Best regards Mike Sukumar
  2. Hi all I am looking for protocols for the care of asymptomatic newborns born to mothers with suspected Covid. One question that has come up in my unit is whether an isolette 6 feet away ( that is turned off to avoid air circulation) should be used as an ideal physical barrier to protect the baby from the mother and other caregivers. I did see this recommendation briefly at some site online but unable to find it now! Thanks for your help Mike Mike Sukumar MD Rockville MD USA
  3. Hi all There seems to be a wide variation in survival and morbidity in babies < 26 weeks. The data from Sweden and Japan are much better than the ones from rest of the world. I would like to know if any one from Sweden or Japan will be willing to share their protocol in the management of Babies < 26 weeks. Thanks Mike Mike Sukumar MD Rockville USA
  4. Hi all We all know NRP recommends using right hand for pulse oximeter probe placement during resuscitation to avoid hyperoxia. How many of you continue this practice in the NICU after admission and for how long? I was surprised to see many large studies did not mandate a specific location for the oximeter probe. Would you be kind enough to share your unit protocol if you have any specific guidelines on this issue? Appreciate your thoughts! Mike Mike Sukumar MD Rockville USA
  5. Hi friends We are trying to change from a conservative to more aggressive feeding protocol based on current evidence on its safety. We will be using breast milk exclusively. I have seen the previous post on this topic but looking for a formal protocol/algorithm on feeding and dealing with gastric residuals. Appreciate your help! Mike sukumar MD Neonatologist Rockville MD USA
  6. Dear NICU netters, As we all know, prolonged ( > 2days) antibiotic therapy is harmful in very low birth weight infants. Is there any justification in continuing antibiotics for 7 days in spite of negative cultures? For instance, a 26 week delivered by C section for severe maternal PIH has absolute neutrophil count of 700 but blood culture is negative. Would you treat this infant with prolonged course of antibiotics? Appreciate your thoughts Mike
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