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  1. Acta Paediatrica October 2017 We have highlighted some of October issue's articles and most of them you can access freely in the journal below. Helping Babies Breathe training can improve neonatal resuscitation Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) is a neonatal resuscitation programme that is designed to train health professionals in low-resource settings. A study by Amy Rule et al showed that 10 months after HBB training in a rural referral hospital in Kenya, the suspected hypoxic–ischaemic encephalopathy (SHIE) rate had decreased by 53% to 7.1/1000. However, the rates increased after th
  2. Acta Paediatrica September 2017 IMPACT Factor: 2.043 We have highlighted some of September issue's article that you can access freely in the journal below. Preterm birth needs to be considered a chronic condition In this review, Raju et al report that an overwhelming majority of adults born preterm were healthy and well. However, a small, but significant, fraction of them still faced a higher risk of developing neuropsychological and behavioural problems, hypersensitive disorders and metabolic syndrome earlier than their term-born counterparts. The authors maintain that preterm birth ne
  3. Highlights in Acta Paediatrica's March 2017 issue Evidence-based neonatology commentaries In this month's issue, we are delighted to announce a new feature, the Evidence-Based Neonatology Commentary. This represents a unique collaboration between Acta Paediatrica and the International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology (EBNEO). Readers will find objective appraisals of trials related to the care of neonates. The commentaries will be published in Acta Paediatrica and displayed in more detail on the EBNEO website. The goal of this initiative was to reduce the time it takes to implement
  4. The rights of the newborn at the edge of viability and other NICU related highlights in Acta Paediatrica's November issue The recent fall in postperinatal mortality in New Zealand and the Safe Sleep programme Free Article The decline in postneonatal mortality in New Zealand plateaued in 2000. Recognition of the fact that more than 50% of sudden unexpected deaths in infancy were associated with unsafe sleeping, especially bed sharing, led to various safe sleep initiatives. The most important of these was the introduction of the Wahakura, a portable infant safe slee
  5. This article is now free online! Fast food versus slow food in very and extremely low-birthweight infants: speed of feeds is a little more than a gut feeling by Sascha Meyer et al.
  6. Thank you Ruth! That's a very good point! The Editorials by Dirk Wackernagel, Frans J Walther and David Askenazi are already open. I'll check if we can open some of the other articles too. For the regular articles and reviews the abstracts are open access. The paper by Sasha Meyer et al about fast vs slow food is an "a different view paper" an this article type doesn't have an abstract. Kind regards, Anna, Acta Paediatrica Editorial Office
  7. Infant feeding and other NICU related content in Acta Paediatrica's October issue! Fast food versus slow food in very and extremely low-birthweight infants: speed of feeds is a little more than a gut feeling. Sascha Meyer et al present their local feeding strategies and explain how a more careful feeding regime, based on a slow increment, resulted in a remarkably low incidence of NEC in their neonatal intensive care unit. Dirk Wackernagel comments on the paper and discusses the current evidence on how to feed preterm infants. Children born preterm and full term have simil
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