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  1. Dear all, We are sometime faced with this situation when the mean blood pressure is borderline for the gestational age. However, there is wide pulse pressure thereby decreasing diastolic pressure and contributing to lower mean blood pressure. For example, in a 26 week baby a blood pressure of 35 / 22 gives a higher mean blood pressure reading (26 mm of Hg) compared to 35 / 15 (21 mm of Hg). Would you accept lower mean blood pressure, if the systolic blood pressure is high enough (example 35 mm of Hg in the above mentioned example )
  2. Dear all, Are there any studies looking at long term effects of hypercapnea in chronic lung disease ? I am looking after a baby (corrected gestational age - term) who is beginning to cycle on CPAP. PCO2 remains around 16 - 19 kpa. However, pH is compensated around 7.31 to 7.32. regards Dr. Shankar
  3. We regularly use targetted tidal volume .We believe in using 4-6ml/kg. We have very good results.With this tidal volume you would just see enough chest lift which is adequate.

  4. We are getting SLE 5000 ventilators to our unit. We were thinking of introducing Targetted Tidal Volume. Has any one got experience of using Targetted Tidal Volume. Are there any guidelines on the use of Targetted Tidal Volume. regards Dr. Shiva Shankar
  5. Are there any published studies comparing cycling CPAP vs reducing pressure ?
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