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Dear all,

I would like to contribute more to 99nicu and often come across very interesting cases that could generate good discussion in the virtual NICU. However I find it difficult to post. Everyone can see where I work, and if the case is a bit unusual, in theory the patient can be identified.

Is it possible to post cases anonymously via the administrator, in that case I would post many more.

Also when people post cases I think it is important with few words to describe the facility the patient is admitted to, what level NICU is it and importantly is it a resource rich or limited setting. Advices regarding lost of surfactant, iNO, bosantan, ECMO etc does not make much sense if the patient is in a poor public hospital without access to these treatments



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It is possible to email content directly to info@99nicu.org for anonymous posting.

In the forum rules (http://www.99nicu.org/forum/custompage_disclaimer.php) and as a sticky post in the virtual NICU (http://www.99nicu.org/forum/showthread.php?8404-About-for-the-Virtual-NICU-read-this-before-admitting-a-patient!) we stress that patient integrity is important (and the responsibility of the posting member).

We strongly recommend parental consent before posting. When I post questions related to individual patient myself, I always ask parents for consent before I post. In general, parents have been very positive to get 2nd opinions from international staff.

Do you/would you ask for parental consent? If the parents give consent, would you still want to post anonymously?

If parents say no to publication, I'd advice not to post, regardless if the post is done anonymously.

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