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Diphragmatic eventration

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Hi all doctors ..hope all fine ...i need to hear your experiences in this case Female 1 day old 2.4 kg .c/s .apgar score 2 ,5,7 ar 1st 5th 10th mins respectively ...severe RD in mechanical ventilator simv mode 26 pip ..peep 4..RR 60..fio2 70%.... RESOLVED respiratory acidosis with multiple skeltal dysplasias ..with absent intestinal sounds and absent colonic gases in x ray ..



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Hi, how is this baby doing? Sounds like there are multiple problems, although they probably have a common (syndromatic) cause.

Did you come further in genetic/syndrome diagnostics? intestinal signs and symtoms of ileus , do you now know the cause (malrotation, obstruction, vascular/ischemic etc)?

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Yes really i still have this baby in my unit on mechanical ventilator 😔... suddenly the colonic gases appeared and intestinal sounds could be auscultated after 7 days ..your recommendation is absloutley right we have also brain atrophy in brain US.. high arched palate with clenched fists ..its matched with syndromatic etiology ...but do you suggest neuromuscular disease ?

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