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  1. I feel so curious about pre and probiotics in infants specially preterm...I have been reading in this topic for 2 years its known and applied in my home country Egypt...but not so common in country I work now KSA.. @Stefan Johansson 👋 wishing to know more 😊
  2. Very interesting issue ...I have point of view would like to share with you..if the cause is decreasing dead space and ensure that the setting of ventilation and oxgyenation achieved in baby more efficiently we can monitor the screen of mean values in mechanical ventilation device whatever the type ...observing the actual pip ..TV .. reaching infant lung and if less than setting value we can increase safely because we know how much exactly achieved in infants lung ... Best regards for all
  3. Very interesting and vital topic congratulations for your choice I think I can use NaHco3 for correction of metabolic acidosis if oxygenation is optimum .
  4. Sure you will be provided with guidelines here ..but allow me to mention some points according to my view ...we should treat the cause first and I think we should revise the nutrients intake of this baby either intravenous fluids ; total parentral nutrition or even milk formula if bottle fed .
  5. Thank you all for replay ..I just noticed that respiratory distress unfortunately I see in infants of smoker mothers was more severe and not easily controlled like non smoker mothers .
  6. How are you all ☺👋hope you are all fine ..allow me to share this point of view with you Scene 1. Very critical baby and receiving ambu bag ventilation not improving ... Befor announcing failure of this step : ..check your equipment ;proper positioning of ambu mask ..ambu bag valves ..your oxygen flow meter is open and on proper oxygen level .. Any one like to share with me examples of equipment check befor announcing failure 😊
  7. Full term born with this pic ...Not seen every day..initially diagnosed cutis aplasia
  8. This is a case of meconium aspiration on mechanical ventilation Very poor peripheral line ..on dopamine and medazolam infusion .
  9. I agree with you ..thank you 99nicu ..hope we can add benefit to others as we gain knowledge from them
  10. How are you all I hope fine ...I would like to read your comments about this x ray according to UVC positioning ? Thanks in advance
  11. Strongly recommending the concept of breastmilk analysis although it is not activated or gets attention in my region
  12. I totally agree and support your point of view when you mentioned that... Many centres lack in dividuals with the confidence and skill to regularly place endotracheal tubes. For these centres it may be that providing nebulized surfactant could delay the time to treatment failure, allowing more time for a trained transport team to arrive.
  13. Much respect to this amazing society Is there any specific considerations in managing neonatal respiratory distress in infant of smoker mother ? Thanks in advance
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