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MCT oils


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Hi All

I would like to know if you use MCT oils in VLBW infants. If, yes what are your protocols.

Personally I am not a big fan of MCT oils and would use it only if I am not achieving enough weight despite EBM feeds of 200 ml/kg/day fortified with HMF and all investigations normal.

Hope the New Year brings the best for you

Dr K P Sanghvi


Mumbai India

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Our nutritionist favours fat fortification with MCT to our preterm infants, as compared to LCT, she thinks it has rather big advantages, from a physiological point of view. So, since quite recently, most preterm infants get MCT fortification.

I have no well-grounded personal opinion, but one of infant, admitted during this "transitional period" started to gain weight much better when we switched from LCT to MCT.

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Hi Stefan

Thanks for the reply but

What I am interested to know is do you routinely use MCT oils in premies. If I am using a 80kcal formula at 180 -200 ml/kg/day or EBM fortified with HMF it boils down to almost 140-160 kcal/kg/day.

1) Do I further need to boost up the calories by adding MCT ?

2) With MCT I have seen chubbiness in the cheeks. My question is - Is that adipose tissue required ?


K P Sanghvi MD

Mumbai India

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i have been using HMF along with MCT oil in ELBWs and VLBWs once full volume enteral feeding is achieved and have got better results (although not observed in a clinical study fashion)...is there any study comparing weight gain in those given HMF and those given HMF with MCT oils?

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