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  1. Just for the purpose of recall.(Cochrane 2013, Jacobs) Evidence of peripartum asphyxia, with each enrolled infant satisfying at least one of the following criteria: i) Apgar score of 5 or less at 10 minutes; ii) mechanical ventilation or resuscitation at 10 minutes; iii) cord pH < 7.1, or an arterial pH < 7.1 or base deficit of 12 or more within 60 minutes of birth. AND Evidence of encephalopathy according to Sarnat staging (Sarnat 1976; Finer 1981): i) Stage 1 (mild): hyperalertness, hyper-reflexia, dilated pupils, tachycardia, absence of seizures; ii) Stage 2 (mo
  2. Hi, In order to know basics of lung USG, there is a book by Dr. Daniel Lichenstein: Lung Ultrasound in critically ill and rest there are numerous articles by same author. Thank you. Hope this helps.
  3. Time stamps 00:24- objectives 00:50 - disclosures 1:20 - SLI demonstration 1:38 - Meta analysis 2015 : SLI vs PPV : No diff in death and BPD 2:10 - SAIL trial: stopped early due to more deaths < 48 hrs. No diff in death and BPD.(80% infants completed the trial) 2:42 - Schmozler 2018 : Feasibility RCT done , results in favour of CC+ SI 3:04 - Cochrane : surfactant benefits 3:44 - Isayama T: network meta-analysis 2016 5:43 - LISA technique 6:12 - AMV trial by Gopel: LISA reduced MV 7: 28 - Isayama: excluded AMV from network meta analysi
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