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  1. Hi I want to know any article or evidence to know that drugs which were contraindicated through picc line. Apart from blood product. Thanks
  2. hi all, I had baby 36 weeks completed gestation, on admission severe respirstory distress,given surfactan , distress not setteled after 24hrs of ventilation (invasiveSIMV ). Xray still shwing complete white out, repaeat surfactant given still no improvent CT chest done its normal. Sepsis screen negative. what could be reason for complete white out and not improving lung fields? thanking you.
  3. Hi everybody. I want to ask for dr akash sharma sir. As in HFO there is active expiration how ventilation manage to keep 1:2 (2 here is time of expiration). Hope you understand my question.
  4. Thanks everybody for reply.i read all links and then reply
  5. hi i know PEEP not there insetting just asking .but IE ration radio buttonnthere in SLE 6000.
  6. hi all Can anybody please explain to me the role of I:E ratio if high oscillatory ventilation. and also what is PEEP in HFOV? thanks
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