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Aymen Eshene

Ideas For Improvement / Training of NICU nurses

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Hi >

How are you all . 

i want to asko about any ideas to improve the quality of care provided by Nicu Nurses ?

any online courses ? courses should be given ?

now we will give BLS and ALS for all nurses and to be recertified on 2 yearly bases . this is one example but what else can we do ?

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NRP should be given to any one working with neonate

The other course which is too much benificial is STABLE course

This is the most imp for nicu doctors and sisters

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Hi Aymen, I agree with Tarek above - both the Neonatal Resuscitation Program & the STABLE program are invaluable. Physicians, nurses, midwives & respiratory therapists all take NRP at my facility and I have taught nurses, respiratory therapists and emergency room nurses the STABLE course. STABLE is the stabilization of infants after resuscitation, so they go hand in hand. I teach both, so I am biased... The STABLE course is endorsed by the AAP & the March of Dimes & has been translated into a good handful of languages. The AAP also has a self learning perinatal-neonatal course in their catalogue which is six books.

PCEP specialized newborn care - shop AAP


best, gayle

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Hi Aymen. Yes, I think NLS/NRP and STABLE/STABLE cardiac are all really useful. We also run a course called NeoSAVE in the UK and the Middle East to try to give nursing and medical staff additional confidence in their practice. We found that there is so little available for experienced nurses who have done their intensive care training and want to keep learning new things...so we hope that our course offers something extra. Our website is www.neosave.org.uk if you would like to have a look. There is also a neuro course for neonates, in the UK which looks very good. Be great to hear of any others that people have found! 

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