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  1. Dear friends & colleagues, It’s our pleasure to invite you to participate in the 12th International Arab Neonatal Care Conference to be held in Movenpick Al Bustan Hotel Dubai during the period of 23rd-25th September 2021. In an effort to cope with the current pandemic situation, ANCC 2021 will be held in a Hybrid format, so those who cannot travel to attend physically will still be able to register for virtual attendance. Arab Neonatal Care Group, Year after year, has been working to reach every neonatologist in the whole region with enriching activities that not only update the knowledge but also empower practical skills with hands on workshops. Attending the conference will allow you to get up to 30 CPD points from Dubai Health Authority for a scientific program to be conducted by 40 top notch International & regional experts. We are determined to keep our attendees safe, accordingly, the conference will be paper-less & contact-less. The whole registration and attendance process will go through ANCC mobile application to be announced within the next few weeks. We are expecting 650 attendees from the region between physical and online attendance making sure of completing our mission towards every neonatologist in the region. Seats are limited, register today and reserve your place! Looking forward to see you all in ANCC 2021. ANCG Board Register here 👇 https://anccdubai.com/2021/ Abstract submission here 👇 https://abstarcts.medicalevents.tv/event/12th-international-arab-neonatal-care-conference
  2. i miss 99nicu since i change my practice to UK i missed manythings, i am still couping with the new shift. Is it normal to take such a time 8 months now😩 really a wonderful topic i do like to learn how to use it
  3. in our nicu they put this butterfly on the incubator to know that this family had previously experienced sad event
  4. I was doing LP for a 2 day old full term 40+3 and we used sucrose to give some relief just before the procedure. For my self if feel that sucrose do not add any thing for such situation. they still feel the pain but deviate their attention same like when you put a dummy or your finger they will start to suck and stop crying. i am confused 😟😟
  5. POCUSNEO Canada is pleased to announce the first e-workshops in advanced hemodynamics starting from 1️⃣5️⃣ August 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ https://pocusneo.org/e-workshops/ https://pocusneo.org/e-conferences/ Yasser Elsayed (University of Manitoba) Muzafar Gani (McMaster University) Emailing E-conference Flyer final R.pdf
  6. waaaw it meet my expectations and very nice to see you guys
  7. thanks @yangw126 thanks @Jose Ramon Fernandez very nice consensus thanks @amirmasoud2012 for the very important question thanks @Stefan Johansson for the amazing group
  8. can i join this membership what is the requirements for joining i know Dr Mohamed El-Dib very well 🌹🌹🌹🌹
  9. Thanks @spartacus007 it is a nice approach. is there is time frame for follow up shall i depend on clinical evaluation only rule of serial x rays the problem is tension pneumothorax can happen within seconds
  10. nice question we do practice rectal stimulation by feeding tube or sometimes glycerine suppositories or rectal wash out by NS
  11. we are starting with 80 ml/kg/day with sodium monitoring we are not adding sodium in the first 24 hours their juxta glomerular apparatus is very sensetive they can not deal with sodium even some literatures is saying no need to add sodium in first few days
  12. In our unit we are not cutting the tube but we did not do any study to check which is better to cut it or to leave it . Please respond to the poll and share your practise.
  13. I can appreciate Dilated bowel loops no portal vein gas no pneumatosis any Gastric Residual, vomiting, bloody stools check for electrolytes esp Na Do CRP, blood Cs start antibiotics according to your antibiogram serial x ray follow up blood gas to check for metabolic acidosis CBC monitoring to check for further drop of platlets regarding pedia surgical consultation in NEC I & NEC II they have no rule but if you can involve them if you have suspecion NEC III THEY SHOULD INTERVENE EITHER PUTTING A DRAIN OR TAKE THE PATIENT TO OR Treat the patient as a whole and do not treat the x ray
  14. @Dr.Smah Do you mean acute management in nicu for babies whom there mothers are smokers..?
  15. every time I check my email and find 99nicu in the list I feel too much excited every time I visit this site I gain new information and add new knowledge thanks @Stefan Johansson and all 99nicu members love you all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  16. @Sutirtha Roy waaaaw very nice👌👌👌👌👌 thanks a lot 🙏🙏
  17. @Stefan Johansson yes you are right thanks from your phone just go for options and ask desktop site
  18. DONE 💓💓💓💓💓 💓💓💓💓💓
  19. @rehman_naveedWhat i mentioned is the latest recommendation from AHA 2015 i will try to post it
  20. @rehman_naveed Regarding Q2 in cardiology The answer and critique need review ventricular tachycardia with pulse so stable ( normal BP normal CRT ) so medication here we can consider adenosine then expert consultation. Ventricular tachycardia with pulse unstable ( low BP , prolonged CRT ) so sybchronized cardioversion starting with 0.5 j/ kg Pulseless Ventricular tachycardia same as VF management is defebrillation start with 2 j/ kg
  21. The placental circulation brings into close relationship 2 curculation systems: the maternal and the fetal in severe abruptio the mother will present with shock and fetus may die detection of fetal blood in a maternal bleeding is worrisome The clinical manifestations and prognosis depends on the amount of fetal blood and the rapidity with which it occurs see the attached study 25-30.pdf
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