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  1. Sorry for delay i did not see the reply First you should be a provider NRP provider after that you will do the instructor course Regarding travel i think is not difficult I will ask my Boss for the course and i will let you know about her reply
  2. Really i wish i could attend this conference Please,Can you tell me how much it will cost for 3 days
  3. Hello Aymen I am NRP certified instructor in SNRP Saudi neonatal resuscitation program It is one day course Fees 500 Saudi Ryals for doctors 400 SR for sisters This for MOH doctors and sisters
  4. How To improve Myself ?

    Dear Aymen very good question One of the important web sites that i think helped me a lot to improve myself and my practice is NICUniversity you will find what you want . And may Allah bless you and all people in Lebya
  5. 99nicu now on Slack

    Very good shift although whatsapp is also very good alternative
  6. NEC & Anemia: Is the truth out there?

    In the past there was time that we are not giving feed to babies with uvc&uac till we remove them it was making sense at that time and this practice changed. The practice of stopping feeding during transfusion will change . I think that the babies who recieved PRBCS are sicker than others thats why they have more incidence for NEC if proved same like the incidence of mortality is higher in patients recieved platelets transfusion because definitely they are sickers than others
  7. When parents are rude in the NICU

    I agree that rudness will affect our mood and expectations but this should not affect our performance . We are human beings but we are dealing with death and life .Maintaing professional behaviour at any circumstances is difficult but possoble
  8. Thanks a lot for the very valuable effort and every day practice problems. I think how much is the bicarbonate and how much is the bicarbonate deficit will give a clue for the prognosis and outcome more than the pH . What is ur opinion regarding this
  9. Nursing the neonate

    When discussing asymmetrical IUGR with parents emphasis should be placed on the preservation of brain growth and that body weight will catch up As well as categorising by weight it is important to clinically assess the newborn infant to ascertain whether it is small for gestational age or exhibiting signs of intrauterine retardation. The causes of IUGR should be considered and the consequences of IUGR predicted and managed appropriately (e.g. hypoglycaemia, hypothermia, polycythaemia). 😃😃😃 In nursing the extreme preterm it is important to be aware of the complications of prematurity, which include poor temperature and fl uid regulation and cardiorespiratory immaturity as well as the complications of intensive care such as excessive inappropriate handling, pain and infection. 😉😉😉😉 The skin of a preterm infant is thin and easily damaged and may remain relatively alkalotic. It therefore forms a limited mechanical and immunological barrier as well as providing poor insulation, which is why care must be taken when handling the infant to prevent further skin breakdown.
  10. We trried this hundreds of time together with midazolam and always be ready with naloxone as antidote The good thing is that there is one article about giving naloxone to minimize reintubation in patients given fentanyl as premediction before INSURE 111071
  11. I like to share this article about neonatal pain management I consider it amazing I hope you will enjoy it Neonatal pain policy.pdf
  12. Happy new year everybody wishing to all nicu99 members all the best in their life and their career

  13. Neonatology Fellowship Southampton UK

    How i can join this fellowship Whoyld you help me please. Dr Tarek Kotb CV.docx