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  1. CLD, volumen gurarantee

    PSV is the worst choice for VLBW babies
  2. CLD, volumen gurarantee

    @Hamed Thanks a lot You are always embressed me with your nice and valuable comments. Regarding AC for 3 days then HFOV really it surperized me a lot You are doing this for every ELGAN on ventilator or selected cases And what is the rationale behind this @Zsofia Dombi Thanks for sharing May i ask you is there is any hyperinflation in the x ray And what is your protocol regarding starting hydrochlorothiazide or dexamethazone for such cases
  3. World Prematurity Day

    Its also my birthday
  4. WHO recommendation with delayed cord clamping even for 3 minutes NRP guidlines latest edition with delayed cord clamping from 30 -60 seconds In preterms: Decrease incidence of IVH Decrease incidence of NEC Reduce need for transfusion Avoid hypovolemic hypotension For full term Studies showed that improve iron stores in first few months The American college of obstetrician and gynacologists recommend delayed cord clamping in there commite meeting in 2016
  5. Feeding stable infant with right-sided CDH

    Diaphragmatic disease usually manifests as elevation at chest radiography. Functional imaging with fluoroscopy (or ultrasonography or magnetic resonance imaging) is a simple and effective method of diagnosing diaphragmatic dysfunction, which can be classified as paralysis, weakness, or eventration. Diaphragmatic paralysis is indicated by absence of orthograde excursion on quiet and deep breathing, with paradoxical motion on sniffing. Diaphragmatic weakness is indicated by reduced or delayed orthograde excursion on deep breathing, with or without paradoxical motion on sniffing. Eventration is congenital thinning of a segment of diaphragmatic muscle and manifests as focal weakness. see the video E51_DC1_Movie4.mp4
  6. Feeding stable infant with right-sided CDH

    @Andrej Vitushka There is By flouroscopy
  7. Feeding stable infant with right-sided CDH

    I think this isveventration of the diaphragm and not diaphragmatic hernia There is no problem to start feeding as we can see all the gut below the diaphragm If you are not going to operate now and patient RR is showing tachypnea start with OGT according feeding protocols regarding his weight If he is tolerating this eventration and not tachypnic start oral feeding if his wt> 1.5 kg and increase gradually Dig for the history as it may be traumatic delivery Check his moro reflex nicely to r/o Erb's
  8. Nitric Oxide in CDH

    What about his ECHO finding still have severe PHTN or improving from last ECHO If he is improving wait and see continue your weaning trials X ray chest is there is improvement in the hypoplastic side take care of sildenafil as some times causing lung collapse Just be patient
  9. @rehman_naveed http://neonatal.cochrane.org/what-has-cochrane-neonatal-done-babies-download-site
  10. IVH

    Thanks too much Naveed I was following what i will post now because this was very big dilemma and i find this helpful for me If you kindly read it and give me your valuable comments https://uichildrens.org/health-library/fluid-and-electrolyte-management-newborn
  11. IVH

    @bimalc One of my friends in Minnesota i discussed this issue with her they are starting with 80 ml/kg and checking of sodium ,uop and adjust ivf accordingly so not all in US starting with 100 ml/kg And i am in favour of restricted intake initially and adiustement according UOP ,Na and Urea More fluids more IVH PDA and pulmonary hge So the most important is follow up and adjust accordingly allowing for physiological wt loss in the first 5 days
  12. IVH

    Thanks a lot @Hamed really its great help Thanks a lot @Stefan Johansson
  13. IVH

    IVH and ELBW It is really a bad experience having a 600 gms baby with IVH grade 3 or 4 What is your best practice to minimize the risk of IVH? Management of hypotension and risk of IVH Intubation and IVH who should intubate it is not always the most expert will be there Delayed cord clamping really we should not miss its benifits Painful procedures and IVH is it helpful to give morphine before any painul and irritant procedure like suctioning PDA and IVH should i give prophylactic endomethacin in first few hours of life
  14. Transfusion guidlines in neonates Ultrasound chest and TTN diagnosis(double lung point) Prevention of IVH in ELBW
  15. Sorry for delay i did not see the reply First you should be a provider NRP provider after that you will do the instructor course Regarding travel i think is not difficult I will ask my Boss for the course and i will let you know about her reply