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  1. Melanie

    Nitric Oxide in CDH

    We have also had some success in this difficult scenario with nebulised prostacycline as an adjunct therapy to sildenafil. Has to be done two hourly...but has done the trick!
  2. We use Morphine, Atropine and Suxanethonium. We try to avoid using Fentanyl as a bolus because we had big problems with chest wall rigidity
  3. Hi Aymen. Yes, I think NLS/NRP and STABLE/STABLE cardiac are all really useful. We also run a course called NeoSAVE in the UK and the Middle East to try to give nursing and medical staff additional confidence in their practice. We found that there is so little available for experienced nurses who have done their intensive care training and want to keep learning new things...so we hope that our course offers something extra. Our website is www.neosave.org.uk if you would like to have a look. There is also a neuro course for neonates, in the UK which looks very good. Be great to hear of any others that people have found!
  4. Hi Jack. We usually set the flow between 8 and 12 depending on the baby. We have found it to be amazing. I did not think that anything would be as good as the Sensormedics but we have a fleet of 18 Fabians and have not needed to use the Sensormedics since. We do find that you need to use a much lower Hz down to 6 at times for the critically ill baby who is impossible to oxygenate. If you need more technical advice definitely worth contacting your local distributor or head office direct. They are extremely skilled and very helpful. Good luck! We usually set I:E to 1:2!
  5. Looking forward to our NeoSAVE Neonatal cardiac stabilisation course in Riyadh, in association with Saudi German Hospitals Group. For more information, please contact me at neosave@yahoo.com. Thanks so much
  6. Melanie

    NeoSAVE Riyadh

    We are delighted to bring NeoSAVE (neonatal stabilisation, ventilation, transport and emergency care course) to Riyadh with support from Saudi German Hospitals. For more information or to book please feel free to email me at neosave@yahoo.com. Hope to see you there!
  7. Melanie

    NeoSAVE Course comes to UAE!

    Thanks so much to Stefan and team for all of their help. If you would like any further information about the course, please do not hesitate to contact me at neosave@yahoo.com. We have just launched some new dates in Saudi Arabia and UAE. Thankyou and hope to meet you at a future course! Melanie
  8. We are delighted to bring our NeoSAVE course to Dubai. NeoSAVE is a neonatal stabilisation, transport, ventilation and emergency care course, designed to give experienced nurses, midwives and junior medical staff more confidence in their practice. If you would like more information or are keen to book please email us at neosave@yahoo.com for more information! NEOSAVE flier Dubai.pdf