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Drug infusion calculators

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Anyone using safe and time-efficient ways of calculating common infusions, such as morphine/ muscle relaxants/ inotropes/ prostaglandin etc?


I’ve come across spreadsheets with weight as variable and some stickers.


But looking for ideas and to gain from other good practices too!



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We uploaded these data in the drug library of our Alaris pumps. (Fix composition method.) 

It is extremely simple to use: you order e.g. 5mcg/kg/min dobutamine - the nurse prepares the fix composition infusion (using the printed table) - enters the BW of the baby in the pump - enters the dose - and the pump calculates the infusion rate.

You can use the table for individual calculations as well.

If you have Agilia pumps, you may find the other file useful. You will need the special SW of Fresenius to modify it and to upload the drug library in the pumps. (It contains the lower BW range only, but for transport it was enough for us.) 


_NICU infusions v6.4.0 EN.xlsx NICU infusions Agilia.bib

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The NeoMate app is very helpful! There is an infusion calculator, where you can easily 'calculate' how much medication needs to go in the syringe, with how much glucose/saline, and at which rate the pump then needs to run.



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