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  1. This is not common; in 5 years just saw 2 cases; effectively good response to diazoxide
  2. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29579758
  3. Hello ! Is it indicated to do a chylothorax draining before birth when tge motger is contracting at 34 WG and it is a unilateral chylothorax? We have a gynecologist who did it and we had sort of disagrient 

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      M C Fadous Khalife

      Sorry the mother 


  4. Very interesting application
  5. The first study I did many years ago with one of my students was a trial to replace apgar score cause I was Always convinced it is not adapted to prematures. At the end of the study, I found some interesting elements to measure but it didn't make up a score ! You gave me ideas; why not combine some variables from my study to some from the NRAS score to create a new clinical score. The NRAS is not purely clinical like Apgar but very interesting.
  6. I admit with all that old reflexes must not be forgotten but I feel relaxed when letting my residents do the NRP when I am looking to an EKG! EkG is very helpful but from time to time , it would be good not to put it to let the new generation realise that old habits are also good !!
  7. Agree for SIDS risk; Eran Alhaij,adversarial chilhood events are associated with SIDS:an ecological study, doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/339465 But it's not easy in our country to monitor at home till 3 months corrected age ; medicine is private, even post-dischqrge follow up by ''home care'' is expensive. WE only monitor BPD leaving the unit with nasal oxygen .
  8. Our first line antibiotics are Ampicillin and cefotaxime Meropenem comes in 3rd line Vancomycine is a 2nd line choice if he have a central line Amikin is usually used just for 48h till we are sure of our cultures results Sorry ampicillin and /or cefotaxime
  9. What about the best position for extremely premature babies ! Our cocoons are not adequate 

  10. Who can share experience concerning  the use of NIRS? 

  11. We use chlorhexidine for extremely preterm babies and we use dakin for older ones but never had burns or any other problems for umbilical catheter insertion
  12. We use surfactant bolus but never used surfactant lavage I find the idea only interesting in pulmonary hemorrage ; since we have high mortality , Does anyone have experienced surfactant lavage in pulmonary hemorrage?
  13. I agree with dr hamed! There is no big difference between 4,3 and 4,1 .
  14. We give acyclovir we don’t have VZ Ig By the way I want to ask about time limits for this recommandation We recently had a mother who had chickenpox but was totally healed 12 days before labor ! The newborn case was debated ! And baby had chickenpox at J5
  15. No we don’t ! Usually we don’t send babies home with any risk of apnea
  16. I find it very interesting but speaking of is not like watching it! For the moment I will not dare do it !
  17. From the above , I like the idea of Dr johansson about giving only one antibiotic instead of keeping with 3 to 4 antibiotics; can we discuss using meropenem only for NEC? Do we have infectious disease neonatologists in the team? I always feel like keeping meropenem for the next step , but using 4 antibiotics is not the best option even if most of us are doing so . What do you think?
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