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  1. We do. We use lactobacterin and bifidobacterin for all newborns, enteraly fed.
  2. Dear all! Tell me please, from what age do you give fat-soluble vitamins for TPN?
  3. Thank you very much for translation. The situation is not good now. We have the new baby with the same clinics now. And today we saw the clinics of septic shock. We think that we deal with bacterial sepsis. But we don't know the microorganism and we can't choose the effective antibiotic.
  4. Por desgracia, no comprendo el español
  5. Вecause we had some similar cases during the short time. I think, it looks like infection
  6. We looked for the following viruses: adenovir, coronavir, MPV, influenza and paranifluenzae, RSV, rinovir, parvovirus B19, CMV, Herpes. All children were premature. By the time of beginning of problems, all children recovered from a congenital infection or RDS. They looked rather well (not absolutely, certainly) , were on CPAP, some were enteraly fed . The first signal was a lactate acidosis always, then a neytropeniye and all the rest.
  7. Hello, Stefan! We looked for herpes vir, CMV, enterovir, ECHO and some other. Thanks for the link fb, it is interesting. We have no vitamins for TPN at newborns in Russia, but the lack of vitamins doesn't explain a neutropenia and thrombocytopenia. What virus did you mean?
  8. Dear all! I need an advice. In our NICU recently there were some newborns with the same clinic. At the age of 2-3 weeks they show intestinal problems , increasing of lactate. In laboratory indicators: a neytropenia, thrombocytopenia, at some - an eosinofilia, negative CRP, sometimes positive PCT, sometimes not. Blood culture is always negative, we don't register neither viruses, nor fungi, and bacteria (microbiology, PCR). The condition of newborns worsens, the lactate acidosis increases, we evaluate the situation as sepsis and use antibiotics, but we do not see effect. What can it be? Why antibiotics (we used imipenems, metronidazol, vankomycine, cephalosporines, linezolid) don't work? Thank you
  9. Hello! I am very interested in this topic too. Tell me please, what is duration of course (one week, two weeks or until extubation)? Do you use diuretics with corticosteroids always or alone in any conditions? Whether there is a difference in your guidelines for BPD, is newborn ventilated or NCPAP? Thank you
  10. Darya

    CMV in breast milk

    Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I don’t read Spanish. But, nevertheless, what is the tactics in your clinic? Do you stop the breast feeding or pasteurisate the milk, or freeze it (how long)? How it depends on GA and weight? Thank you.
  11. Dear colleagues! Share please your tactics if HCMV was found in breast milk by PCR? Do you know any RCT about it? Thank you!
  12. Thank you! Very interesting presentation!
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