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  1. Tasnim


    We routinely dose Vancomycin at 15 mg/kg spaced initially according the PMA or adjusted for kidney impairment, then according to the trough level at steady state. As the target trough level has recently been raised from 5-10 to 10-15, to better fight staph infections, I strongly believe drug references should also adjust the dosing to 15 mg/kg. We have a policy in place to reflect this and all doses are started at 15 mg/kg. looking for others' feedback on how you dose and adjust vancomycin at your institutions.
  2. We have Biogaia approved by our authority to be used in neonates. And in my previous unit, we used it after local approval from the hospital's PTC in preterm infants with the start of the trophic feeds. And it follows the regulation of pharmaceuticals.
  3. What is the best way of weaning Pyridostigmine in a 4 weeks old infant with Neonatal Transient Myasthenia Gravis ? the patient is tolerating his po feed but whenever we try to taper down Pyridostigmine, he can not suck well, and desaturates ! and when do you consider start weaning? P.S: pt is 3.8 kg on Pyridostigmine 5 mg po Q6 hrs, Atropine 0.02 mg/kg po q8hrs.
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