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  1. Dear Alok, we are organizing LUS courses, as well as Daniele De Luca and Nadya Yousef in Paris. Should you be interested in the topic having a Facebook account, I suggest you to join NeoLUS, a closed discussion group that I have the privilege to moderate. Finally, at the forthcoming UENPS meeting in Valencia (Nov 23-26) we have a whole session on Neonatal LUS. Similarly, I am organizing an IPOKRaTES Seminar (Oct 10-12) where LUS is in the program Hope it helps Francesco Francesco Raimondi MD PhD Neonatology and NICU, Neonatal Transport Program Università "Federico II" di Napoli, Naples, Italy
  2. The Great Beauty is here !! Come ans see it at Neonatal Pneumology in Naples !!!
  3. Neonatologists from Finland to Spain have already made their reservations !! only 40 slots left !! H U R R Y !! GO TO www.neonatalpneumologynaples.it
  4. Are you curious to see what ultrasound have to say about neonatal lungs ?! Read the attached article and come to learn more in Naples on April 11th !! Hurry, today is the last day to participate at the reduced fee !!! Francesco Raimondi Neonatal Pneumology in Naples Chairman LUS NeoReviews 2014.pdf
  5. until
    Join us for a high rank scientific meeting !! Check the program at www.neonatalpneumologynaples.it Latest updates in Resuscitation Ventilation Lung ultrasound and much more...
  6. Go to www.neonatalpneumologynaples.it and check the program !! We welcome you to join a high rank scientific meeting in a world class tourist destination Latest updates in Resuscitation Ventilation Lung ultrasound ... and much more !! Naples, Italy APRIL 11th and 12th, 2014
  7. Dear Netters, as Associate Editor of the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition I invite those of you who have a scientific interest in the field to serve as reviewers. Many hot issues of Neonatal Gastroenterology deserve to be known by a wider community and it is only by submitting manuscripts that are carefully reviewed by true peers that we can achieve this goal. Thanks for your attention Francesco Raimondi , MD PhD please reply at raimondi@unina.it
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