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  1. sudershan.kumari

    Learn Neonatal Brain Ultrasound on Youtube!

    thanks for posting videos, they are very good for traiming doctors and interpretation of us thamks sudarshan kumari
  2. sudershan.kumari

    New protocol for transitioning from tube to oral feeds

    my concern with feeding plan are two 1. bottle feeds, i feel bottle has no role in infant feeding, instead spoon, cup , breast feeding directly or paladay feeding are used by us for weaning from tube feeds. if baby is sucking well at brest and has no problem, shold we add formula milk or not when weight gain is not adequate and bay is well
  3. sudershan.kumari

    Where do you do Laser?

    laser is done in nicu itself in our hospital
  4. sudershan.kumari

    Scrutinizing the near-final programme for EBNEO 2013...

    the programme is good and practical too. as it is not feasible for all to attend the conference, is it possible to download all the lectures after the conference on nicu 99 for benefit of neonatologists who can not make to attend the confernce.
  5. sudershan.kumari

    Withdrawal of anticonvulsant drugs in HIE

    In case seizures do not recur, i withdraw znticonvulsants before hospital discharge, depending on duration of hie and neurological examination.if hie gr2 lasts less than 5 days and neonates are well, i withdraw aed if ultrasond skull and neonatal neurological examination are normal.in case of abnormality in cranial ultrsond or neuro examination, i continye aed for 3 months, get an eeg done if normal aed are tapered. in case of abnormality of neuro examination/mri aed are further continued.
  6. sudershan.kumari


    i suggest you go to national institute of nutrition t hyderabad, library there will be helpful as lot of work has been done there
  7. sudershan.kumari

    CSF normal differential WBC counts

    I agree with dr Gopan on csf value,but a gram stain slide of csf is somtime a valuable addition, in early meningitis, there may be organisms , with normal csf values and cells very few. Clincal evidence of meningitis may be difficult to evaluate in small babies, a cranial ultrasound before attempting lp may be helpful too.
  8. sudershan.kumari

    oae in neonates

    I would like to know the appropriate age for doing OAE in neonates for hearing screening. We have recently started cheking neonates in nicu and normal neonates in postnatal wards for hearing by oae.The person who checks fpr oae will do for all neonates in nsy irrespective of age, as early as 6 hrs of age. I have noted that at age <24 hours more reports are interpreted as refer than when done later. I came to know that right age for normal vaginal births is >24hrs nd cesarian births>48 hrs of age. What is the practice at other units and what is the most suitable time for doing oae
  9. sudershan.kumari

    ROP Prevention Strategy

    we have a marked reduction in rop in preterm nicu graduates over last 10 years Earlier it was noted that rop was associated with oxygen use, blood transfusions,and sepsis specially fungal. With policy of keeping oxygen use to a minimum , reduction of blood transfusions and infection control measure the incidence wea significantly reduced.
  10. sudershan.kumari

    Please give feedback on 99nicu News

    Nicu 99 is an excellent site for neonatologist . It is informative.guides in current topics through what is new and helpful in difficult situations. Is it possible to get to more confernces papers on neonatology, like annual conf in uk in december, or ipokrates meetings as it is not possible to attend many such meeting due to financail or other constraints. May be a small payment can be asked for such literture to keep updated
  11. sudershan.kumari

    Dopamine and enteral feeding

    Once the child is hemodynamically sstable with dopamine and or other ionotopic support, we start enteral feeds, they are increased gradually depending on neonate,s tolerance. No problems are encountered of feeding with baby on inotopes in our unit.
  12. sudershan.kumari


    Jn 2009 issue of curosurf newsletter "curoservice.com .newsletter" slide section,has an update by Rangaswamy Rmanathan on ROP "Third epidemic of Retinopathy of prematurity, a neonatologist,s vision". I feel it should be read by all neonatolgist,s , he emphasized tha hyperoxia at birth may be one important the cause of rop and delivery rooms should have o2 aor bleners for resuscitation, which most delivery rooms to my knoledge in devloping countries do not have.
  13. sudershan.kumari

    neonatal tube feeding

    I woulg like to know the opinion and experience of others in method of tube feeding in nicu. 1 . Tube feeding oro-gastric, tube is removed every time after feed. 2. onasogastric feeds, tube remains ther. 3. orogastiric, tube is passed from mouth ,is fixed on face and intermittent feeds are givem by nursing staff. Ihave seen some units are very comfortable with this method ,but fear is of displacing the tube with some activity. thanks
  14. sudershan.kumari

    Hot topics 2007

    Thanks for slides of hot topics neonatology 2007 . It was really useful, as it is not always possible to attend these meetings
  15. sudershan.kumari

    Supporting Breastfeeding

    It is a good idea to make web community a baby friendly website. In INDIA we have many hospitals recognised as baby friendly hospitals , adhereing tp WHO 10 ateps of breast feeding. Gone are the days when new born,s father walked in hospital with afeeding bottle and milk tin. Most hospitals in Delhi, have discarded baby feeding bottles, even the vlbw nicu discharges are sent home on breast/ spoon/cup feeding, which is ensured by staff before discharge home. Temporary mother infant seperation even for a month does not affect breast milk feeding, if the nicu staff is motivated and in turn can motivate the mother too