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  1. We've been practising LISA from 2007 on in the dpt i was til 2016 an the meds were Coffein Atropin Propofol, later we saw it worked well without caffein- unfotunately i'm not up to date concerning neuro(developm.) issues with using Propofol in preemies, if ist's still safe i would use it again, worked well titrating 1mg/kg Up to 2 or 3
  2. Impossible to joint despite of normal Email-adress
  3. We let Babys Born > 35 wks with their mothers making Sure temperature and blood Glucose are normal - sometimes an 34+6 got accidentaly through - there was an Level 1 (Germany - means Level 3 in most countrys ) Team on the same floor of course so we would have been able to act every time - if you can rely on the nurses / midwifes you can trust the Babys 35 weeks or more most of them will make it! 10 years in a northern Germany tertiary Center made me believe in this
  4. Has anyone out there experience in using the NIPE-system to asess pain in preterm infants?Wish You all the best for the upcoming year 2016!
  5. frohlocke , welcome to 99nicu :)

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