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  1. @Stefan Johansson Thank you for your answer. I have one more question; Is the guideline used throughout Sweden?
  2. Thank you @Francesco Cardona for your response! And also thank you @Bernhard Bungert Indeed, it is an interesting subject and indeed, I am working hard . Lots of literature but unfortunately not specifically focused on the neonatal unit and materials. You describe that the problems were not solved. What problems are you referring to? I am assuming that you are referring to persistent hyperglycemia. @Stefan Johansson May I ask if you have already checked with your level-3 colleagues in Stockholm? I am very curious
  3. Thank you for your response @Stefan Johansson! I woud really appreciate it if you could check with your colleagues after the summer vacation. I look forward to seeing your response.
  4. Hello, I am a NICU nurse in training and for my study I have an assignment. For this assignment I want information from as many NICU's as possible about priming the infusion sets before starting the insulin infusion. Does this happen in your NICU, and if so, how? Do you have protocols I can use? Which concentrations are used and which flow rate
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