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  1. 1. Anticipation: a. Was Intubation difficult? B. Is there a measurable Leak before extubation? C. Cuffed tube. D. Longtime Ventilation. 2. Preparation A. And or C and or D pos: Steroid 1 hr before Extraktion. Always prepared for reintubation: stuff, medication, Equipment. Take Extubation seriously as Intubation.
  2. Check this out. I like this neoreviews http://neoreviews.aappublications.org/content/18/6/e357 . Sende a message of you cant get it.
  3. You are in the right way. HFO fq 5-6 Hz, Amp as high as you see Vibration. Lower MAP as you did, but try do use less, Oxygen max 70%. Permissiv hypercabnia ok. Lay your patient on his dummy. Both sided PIE, equal? If not: best side up.
  4. Remembers me to case of Surfactant protein Mutation. Done well After Ltx At age of 7 month. But me need more information: what Kind of Ventilation you use. Which Setting? Oscillation? NO? Echo Shows pulmonary hypertension? Please look for CMV in tracheal aspirat.
  5. We use gastral tubes with 5ml/KG NaCl0,9% rectally in the second day of life if a premie (《1500g) to stimulate mekonium release (because changings of enteral feeding regimes depending on mek rel). With this procedere we stimulate bowelmovment. It works most everytime. We don't wait for problems. I believe most Effect depends to the distending fluid As long as premies stay in incubator temp is measured with rectal probe. Later with Thermometer (without plastic wrap). We do no Stimulation. For Colic gas seldom we use small airwaytube 3 cm inserted for 30 min.
  6. Interesting Subject. And More literature than we would believe, including YouTube Videos. We have primed a few years ago but we stopped because non of our problems were resolved. Despite a lot of tricky literature there are to many variables (tube and line materials, Insulin measurment (Timing, method) wanted Insulin concentration, dont forget filters)... .. to finde the right answer. Hard work for chantalnicu.😊
  7. Find great to gearbeitet about - preventing NEC - ultrasound of the lung - CMV, pasteurisation yes or No. - Mother Milk Banking, ist it worth
  8. We dont use HFNC as a Initial Support For Premies under 32 Weeks. Therefore was a lot of unreflected use as CPAP-Weaning Strategy: since we started with "the Todd-Procedere" Premies loose CPAP earlier without the need of HFNC. We use HFNC instead of CPAP For late preterms with TTPN with heavy breathing to lower our Airleak rate.
  9. In all of our PIE Cases HFO With Low Volume strategy (HFO Peep = Mean Airways pressure of conventional Ventilation minus 1) were Superior. We never achieved any comparable effects in any CMV setting. We tried a lot. And: we often See onesided PIE: so dont forget to lay PIEside downward.
  10. There's a Lot of calculating so Long. I started with an article about possible pathophysiology. Interesting. http://neoreviews.aappublications.org/content/16/7/e420. After Reading that there are a Lot of pointe for a debate.
  11. Thank you very much Maegan. Is there any considerations how to applicate for better resorption. Any pitfalls? Sounds like a silly question, but ....
  12. Long time gone since last post. We start to develop a visiting policy. But - the deeper the insight - the greater the Problem. Peluso AM J Perinatol 2015 Aug; 35 (8) 627-30 described increased rate of RSV-Infections during RSV - Season in the "visiting Group": worth reading. We thing about medical checks of the young visitors, complette vaccination, single room visits only, Age-restriction (only > 6 years), written parents consent, Time Limitation for those under 12 years. Sounds a Little bit too elleboratated but in time of high hygienic susceptibility and bad expierences of German NICUS with "outbreakes" of MRGNs we have to be carefull. We have no place for careing for siblings at the time parents visit the preemies (an aditional Problem). there are People anywhere with written policies and/or expierence?
  13. Hello Maybe you find out I'm a little bit silly, but i have to ask: "Whats fumigation?"
  14. Dear Collegues. The Subgroup of the German Robert Koch-Institiut has puplished a 40 page Paper about (I translate because it is in German): "Prevention of nosocomial infection in Very low weight babies under 1500 G". There is a lot of small but interesting details and aspects of prevention. You can find the article on: http://www.rki.de/cln_091/nn_201414/DE/Content/Infekt/Krankenhaushygiene/Kommission/Downloads/Neo__Rili,templateId=raw,property=publicationFile.pdf/Neo_Rili.pdf (copy it, it works). There they prefer Octinidinhydrochlorid 0,1 % without Phenoxyethanol. Bernhard Bungert
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