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  1. We pause for one week and then check ferritin level; restart if ferritin is <300, otherwise wait 1-2 weeks.
  2. We used to cut the tube several years ago. We stopped cutting because we saw minimal or no effect. Besides that, we had problems with fixation, especially when the tube had to be repositioned
  3. The NICU`s in the Netherlands al secure tubes with tape. It only differs in detail and in the type of tape. At the last NICU congres in Copenhagen there was a poster from Sweden about the tape fixation.
  4. Thanks, We have nasal intubated neonates, so the NeoBar isn`t the solution. I will try to get the Multipore from the US. We can only get the Medipore, and I think it is something different. Currently we use the Cavilon swaps and Leukoplast tape but is not latexfree :(
  5. We are cleaning the skin with chlorhexidine 2% for the insertion of UVC /UAC in extreme premature neonates. After cleaning let the skin dry for at least 30 seconds befor turning any light on the abdomen. We have almost no leasions at the unit.
  6. Looking for better materials to fixate our endotracheal (nasal) tubes, I came upon Hy-tape; not available in Europ but never the less. What are your experiences with the pink tape? Stays in place even when on HFO or with a lot of moist?
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