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  1. CLD, volumen gurarantee

    Hamed... Can I ask what's average duration ELBW babies staying on mech ventilation in your unite ? Which start first if baby stuck on ventilator diuretic or DART and which dose??
  2. i finished egyptian neonatology fellowship and i want to continue my training in neonatology without leaving my country any suggestion ......online training courses , certificates, examinations
  3. MCQs

    good questions ..................thanks
  4. what is its management?
  5. Prophylactic eye drops

    we use erythromycin eye ointment once after delivary
  6. can u plz, give me link of guidelines of routine neonatal care after delivary?
  7. guideline of starting antibiotic

    thanks for your interesting to reply on my Q as i know, TTN is a diagnosis of exclusion , so early RD in neonate ...may be congenital pneumonia even if no risk factor present so i asked about 1st. can i start antibiotic from begining till result of cbc , crp appears or 2nd. not start at all or 3rd. doing also blood culture and if this done am i waiting till result appears " continuing on antibiotics" thanks for sharing experience
  8. Late preterm baby 36 w , delivered by CS to IDM with no risk factor of sepsis Presented with RD after birth .? TTN ....can I start antibiotic from start till result of CBC , CRP appear and if negative I stop antibiotic within 48h or I should do also blood culture....or not start antibiotic from start.?
  9. surfactant treatment in pneumonia?

    Fcardona....I understanded from your topic that you not recommend given surfactant in pneumonia.
  10. hypercarpnea

    All members of the group agree with that?!
  11. hypercarpnea

    This is what I ask for ' to what limit RR and Ti on convention m v I can use
  12. hypercarpnea

    I ask mainly about that , are there any body use RR> 60 in conventional m v ??, even in persist hypercapnea
  13. hypercarpnea

    Okey reduce Ti like...and what about RR till what?
  14. hypercarpnea

    In case of pul interstitial emphysema, there is hypercapnea, if I don't have high frequency......how can I manage.