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  1. They recommend it here but is not really available. Also if the mother cannot but the full vial of vaccine it is not given. The vial is approximately $60. Tragic that it is known to be needed but generally not given due to cost to family
  2. I know the US protocol but what are other countries doing. Giving within 24? The most recent from my volunteer country is to give IVIG (but not available) and they have 48 to get the vaccine in. Going to a protocol meeting next week if you can share your recommendations maybe I can get it changed.
  3. Anyone using Cipro as second line. In the country I volunteer in Africa I see the switch to cipro most often now?
  4. Would be nice if they would have recommended continue pumping and discard to maintain breast milk supply until everyone is negative.
  5. Great videos. My only suggestion is look at your abbreviations. Not all are known by everyone.
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