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  1. I have contacted the company before. They said it's not designed or licensed for newborns and I have not come across anyone that have used it before.
  2. I think it's fairly reasonable to attribute the baby's seizures at 12 hours to an etiology other than HIE. The cord gas is ok and also the gas at 1 hour can be attributed to the resuscitation YES. But it could be also respiratory as you have not mentioned the PCo2. And again regarding the gas at 1 hour of life... It's not that acidotic to start cooling ( Looking at the CPS statement of 7.15) I think guidelines are made for those situations ...to help when things get blurry. Sticking to it as is the right thing for me until an alternative approach has established evidence behind it.
  3. I agree with Martin And regarding the values for a ventilated baby... Usually a minimum of 7.25 with a pco2 of 45-55 and not to exceed 75 as it is associated with a poor neurodevelopmental outcome. These values are independent of gestational age and weight.
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